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Bananas are native to southeast asia and australia, but are now grown throughout the tropics. All parts of the banana can be used: the flower/heart of the banana is often served raw with dips or can be cooked into soups or currie. The core of the banana trunk is used mainly in the Burmese dish mohinga. while the leaves can be used for cooking or for shelter. It is also possible to use banana to make clothing such as kimonos or even table clothes. They even use banana to make paper! Bananas are very hard to transport because they are damaged easily. For this reason exported bananas are often picked green and than put into a gas chamber. In this chamber they are treated with ethylene gas to help with ripening. So you know: a retailer can order ‘ungassed’ bananas and in that case will be fully green when they arrive to market. Bananas shouldn’t be refrigerated because this stalls there ripening and just causes them to turn gray and rot. It is possible to be allergic to bananas there are two forms of banana allergy: one is oral allergy syndrome which can cause itching and swelling in the mouth or throat within one hour after eatinga banana and is related to birch tree or other pollen allergies, while the other is related to latex allergies which causes potentially serious upper gastrointestinal symptoms. (info from the encylopedia)


  • good info, thanks! are the organic bananas gassed too? just curious, i’ll probably keep eating them either way.

  • bananaboybananaboy Raw Superstar

    I have been told that bananas that are gased do not ripen properly and develop the nice dark spots. They get dark blotches as opposed to spots.

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    dont forget how non organic bananas are hybrids they are clones. the clones only have a 50 year lifespan so in about 40 years we will see the price of bananas dramatically increase. as the crops will die and dwindle. we can not keep up with the demand.

    these cloned bananas have an effect on our bodys as processed sugar does. essentially these bananas are man made. so of course they would. they contain very little potassium if any. so much for heart healthy.

    whats the answer. the obvious… organic

  • Yeah, I remember hearing about the cloning thing. Kinda creepy.It’s always been my least favourite fruit and I very rarely eat it anymore after reading that.

  • from what i understood from my internet searchings even organic bananas are clones because wild bananas have seeds. while the ones we eat dont! but i wouldn’t let this info scare anyone off from eating bananas! but otherwise you are correct…there already is certain banana breeds that are dieing off!!!

  • All I know is bananas give me a lot of energy and they taste great. AND, they DO have seeds. They are tiny little things in the middle of the banana.

  • Well, bananas do have a lot of antioxidants in them and amino acids. I read that foods like bananas, avocados, kiwis and such do not need to be organic because they are not sprayed. Also, bananas went up last week. I hate it. They are now 59 cents a pound! I try to find them on clearance sale for less but thats not always possible.

  • What’s creepy about plant clones? Have you never started a plant from a cutting? That’s cloning. Ever have a spider plant? Every “spider” is a clone. Cloning is a common and natural way many plants reproduce. In the case of bananas, an herbaceous plant, clones are propagated asexually from offshoots of the plant (just like those spiders on your spider plant).

  • No really they are seedless!!! i thought the same thing!!! but if the little black things in the bananas are seeds they are infertile seeds that won’t grow into anything…maybe they are like the little white seeds in seedless watermelon? but wild bananas have BIG HARD seeds!

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Bananas are an inflammatory food, being -118 (for 1 med. size) on the IF index. All tropical fruits are inflammatory according to Monica Reinagel, author of “The Inflammation-Free Diet Plan”. Coconut Oil is -899 for 1/2 cup! Those who eat 10+ bananas a day because of the 80/10/10 diet might not realize this. I just learned of it myself and I eat raw for an inflammatory disease. Goodbye bananas (coconut and mangos)!

  • All tropical fruit? including pinapples which are a high source of bromaline (sp?) which I have read is a wonderful antiinflamatory? Just curious.

    I love bananas. They rock sliced up and covered with a thick almond milk and Agave necter for breakfst! MMMMM, I call it my giant sized oats!

    eating ten bananas a day sounds crazy to me. One or two, is fine!!! (unless you have an inflamatory condition)

  • 123—Yikes, not that I’m buying it but could you please provide like a list of fruits or veggies that are inflammatory according to Monica Reinagel? I’m super curious. Thanks.

    Luna blu, I know what you mean. I tried to eat 10 bananas once but I made it until 5 because I began to worry about too much sugar, and what not, and I ended up getting super energetic, I found that my hands and feet were unusually warm, even hot! (they are usually cold but not that much anymore since I eat more and exercise) and I was just buzzing around everywhere like a mad bee!!! Good thing I went to a party afterwards. I definately partied it out!! lol.

  • all bannanas? i just tried a really ripe plantain for the first time today and it was divine!! ive never had them ripe and raw…usually had them in the past fried and green like french fries….

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie


  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    The only fruits on a short list that I read (it was just a snippet of the list) are tropical fruits and coconut oil. I don’t now if the coconut oil is virgin or not. The tropical fruits listed were mangos, pineapples, bananas and papaya. I just ordered the book and haven’t read it yet. Bananas also contain lectins and dopamine!

    Ray Sahelian, MD. says that vegetables are less inflammatory than sugary fruits.

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