Raw Food World

Hello… I’m wondering if anyone has ever experienced problems with the Raw Food World customer service? I ordered Internal Parasite Formula, 210 caps but received 150 caps. I’ve tried reaching them via email, online contact, and phone for over a week but never received any response. I’m surprised because I thought Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes are wonderful people! :-(


  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I’ve had no problems, but I have only ordered a few things from there. I get the raw success blog e-mail and I tink they are traveling in the New Zealand/ Australia area right now. Maybe try posting on the blog or just keep calling. I really prefer to talk to somebody if I can when there is a problem

  • Thank you deborahann, I’ll keep calling! :)

  • I cant stand that company. They are slow and not helpful. I ordered a dehydrator from them and it took forever to get here and i had to email and tell them i was going to get my CC company involved. never again. Calling didn’t help… I had to email them like 3 times.

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