5 day Cleanse

I am wanting to do a 5 day cleanse….anyone have any suggestions for things that have worked? I have done a 10-day Master Cleanse and LOVED LOVED LOVED it…which is why I am wanting to do another, unfortunately I have commitments that limits me to 5 days. Any suggestions? Anyone want to join?


  • love the profile name, lol. Ive never done a cleanse but I am interested in doing a 5 day one with you. When are you planning to start it? Are you doing the MC or something else?

  • I am planning to start tomorrow. Not MC…Burroughs says 10-day minimum for MC. My husband did it for 8 days the last time and he missed out by not doing the full 10. Maybe a juice feast….I just need something easy! Would love to have you join!

  • O I would love to but alas I am incapable of doing a juice feast because I have no juicer! dang it. Maybe I’ll do a green smoothie cleanse just for fun.

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