Article on Vitamin B12

I was doing research on how much vitamin B-12 a person actually needs and I found this article. I had to share. Is it possible to get the required amount of B12 by growing vegetables in cow manure? If it is…I’m so seriously gonna do that! I’m skeptical about supplements.

Here is the link.


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    Ahh pooie. sounds messy.

    go to i think he is leading in information on B12. your best bet is to google alive with gabriel b12. that will take you to links directly in his site.

  • I agree. I would definitely look at what Gabriel Cousens has to say. He is very knowledgable.

  • Thnks you guys. I found this website to be very helfpful. I guess taking a supplement wouldnt be so bad.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie… This is gabreil cousen’s most famous and recent b12 article. It’s an eye opener!!

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    Dr. Vivian V. Vetrano has this to say about B12:

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    great article thanks for posting that 123

  • Now I am thoroughly confused… to supplement or not to supplement that is the question… Red Star no good… spirulina—blue green algae not quite the answer… need answer quick neuropathy and energy symptoms only abated with supplementation… grow veggies in pooh now that is the best idea yet!!! been takin my dots I feel much better even if it is cobablamin (sp) ;D

  • Yea, now I don’t know what to do either. :(

  • Thanks for the article 123!

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