Done lurking

So I admit it. I’m a raw website lurker. But no more! I’m getting in on the discussions and the recipes.

Soooo, I am twenty-two, an actress and yoga-doing naturopathic, health food nut. Just like everybody else here! I’ve been vegetarian a little over a year, vegan for about six months (though there Christmas with my boyfriend’s family in Minnesota ruined that for a couple of weeks – oh, the cheese!), and I accidentally became raw about 3 or four weeks ago when I was diagnosed with celiac disease. So, no meat, no dairy, no eggs, no grains (on the two week elimination diet) – what the hell was I supposed to eat?? About that time, I stumbled onto Shazzie’s site and became obsessessed with her journals. I also found myself wanting more and more fresh fruit, and grazing instead of eating real meals. When I think back, I realize that as a kid, I hated pizza, mac & cheese, and hot dogs. Instead, I would sit down in front of the TV and eat a head of iceberg lettuce. No joke. I also ate tomatoes like apples, and bags of frozen green beans. It wasn’t until I “learned to try new things” that I started enjoying crap like cheese.

Anyway, I was about 75% raw for the first couple of weeks. Then a really scary thing happened. I found a lump. I’ve been getting tests for the last week and a half and they still won’t tell me anything. I probably won’t know what it is until a biopsy gets done. So, whenever I sit still for a minute and let my mind wander, it’s pretty full of scary thoughts. And I won’t even start on the nightmares. So I have decided that, whether this is “Something” or not, I shouldn’t be having lumps at 22 and I am going to try to reverse whatever is going on in my body by eating 100% raw.

Unfortunately, I also work at a British pub (but i live in southern california). Chips are a CONSTANT source of temptation. Must be strong, must be strong, must be strong!


  • Mmmm chips.. sorry was distracted :P welcome to non-lurkness :P

  • I would suggest that you read the China Study to get rid of the UNKNOWN FEAR syndrome I like to call it. People walk around with dormant diseases all the time its just a matter of changing your surroundings <meaning diet or food choices let’s say. Diet always sound evil. You are on the right path to health, and everyone here is really supportive about what ever topic your put out there. I had a problem with my wisdom teeth, within 30 minutes I learned three different options that I never even thought about.

    Peace and Blessings.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Vegval- welcome! The more you read this site, the more you’ll probably be excited about your path to health. So many fabulous recipes and helpful forums. There’s nowhere like it on the web! : ) Raw is addictive in it’s own fun way. Great recipes and a new way of thinking. Eating healthy has never been so delicious.

    I had a similar scary diagnosis of possible precancer two years ago (at age 21) – it took me longer to find raw, but I’m also doubly committed because of this. Thankfully, my symptoms went away, as I hope yours will. By eating raw, fears of disease that have nagged me for years have disappeared.

    As for work – perhaps keep tons of raw snacks around, and don’t be upset if you cheat and have chips. I guess that’s the word for fries in Britain, right? Haha I still can’t allow myself around fries – I’d down em and have seconds before you could sneeze! But at home, you can revamp your kitchen. Rawify it. Keep all of the raw healthy goodies around, so when you come home, you can slide right back into good raw food. Welcome to the forum!

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