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I don’t know if anyone else has suggested this already or not. I was wondering if you could expand the forum page to include more main topics. The reason being is that i feel that if i don’t log on every couple of hours i miss topics or that topics get gone through so fast that other people don’t read them. I know this is mainly because i don’t read anything that’s not on the first page, but that’s because i was also making the assupmtion that anything not on the first page is ‘old’news. I don’t know what other topics you could include, maybe a section on just beauty/health, maybe a kids section, not quite sure what i would like to see, but that i’d make this suggestion.


  • So it doesn’t look like to many people have read this forum yet and no one commented but just by looking around for the last day it seems like people would like a gardening forum and also an inspirational forum…any other ideas…ray would it even be possible for you to expand the forum main page???? Just wondering.

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Funny you should mention this…we’ve added two new topics to our expanding conversation.

    First, we’ve added a dedicated place to talk about specific health issues. This would cover anything from detox symptoms to specific ailments. I’ll add beauty to that right now.

    Also, we’ve created a space (new to raw) for asking questions and chatting about that journey.

    Are there other forum topics that would be helpful?

  • I just saw the new forums. There Great!

  • Hey, I love the new Beauty forum. Right up my alley, Will we be moving old “beauty” threads to the new forum?

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    queenluff, I believe that the author of any topic can edit the topic and change the forum. I’ve moved some of the obvious ones, but haven’t gone through them all. If you see one in particular to move, just let me know!

  • Kandance,

    I am the original author of our no poo thread in the Other section. It is getting pretty big! I think it definately should be under the new forum.

    I went to the edit part that shows up at the top of the page when you mouseover but all it had was a way to change the title of the thread nothing about moving forums. How would I go and do that?


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