Green Papaya? Plum Sauce? Rice Wrapper?

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I was just at a Thai restaurant with my husband and I orded two appetizers – green papaya salad and garden rolls.

Anyone know how to make a green papaya salad… or know where to get a green papaya? The salad tastes so good. Is green papaya a papaya that is not ripe or something else? If it is a non-ripe papaya, is that good/bad?

The spring rolls had lettuce, cucumber, beansproutes, scallion, and carrots… all wrapped in a white thin almost transparent rice wrapper which was also good. It would be neat if the rice wrapper was raw. It was served with plum sauce. Anyone have a good raw plum sauce? I want to try and make this at home.

I can taste it now… Yum!


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    if the papaya was not ripe then it was probably cooked, which is not too good. A good substitute for that rice wrapper is very thinly sliced jicama, turnip, sweet potato, or yam. For the filling you could put some butterhead lettuce, thin sliced green onion, grated carrots, thinly sliced cuke, and some cilantro.As for the plum sauce I will have to work on that one. But until then here is a little sumthin to dip those rolls into.

    1 lime juiced 1 1/2 tbls braggs liquid aminos or nama shoyu 3 tbls water 2 cloves of garlic 2 tsp raw clover honey

    Place all ingredients in a blender. And thats it. Hope you enjoy it, and tell me how the wraps turn out :)

  • I was looking at some recipes online, and here’s what I’d do. I’d blend together some fresh crushed pineapple with rehydrated prunes, add water to get the right consistency, then add nama shoyu and raw vinegar to taste.

  • Germin8, Your post is a good example of how when we are eating out we make the best of the situation. Your dinner was mostly raw! For me, when I get into all or nothing thinking it makes my life not so balanced:)

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    I’ve just added my papaya salad recipe:

    “Thai Green Papaya Salad” :

    Some people don’t like eating green papaya because they are unripe, so not as easy to digest; if you like you can use red & green cabbage & a little grated carrot instead.

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    Thank you so very much for all your replies.

    I am so happy to see a Green Papaya Salad recipe. I can’t wait to try it… as soon as I get my kitchen back. (Don’t ask.)

    And the prune & pineapple idea sounds great! I get tired of adding Braggs/Nama Shoyu to too many dishes. I will try it with my garden wraps… wrapped in jicama.

    The green papaya I had was served cold and it was firm. So, I am guessing it was raw.

    Thanks all!

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