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Question on Grains

I was wondering what type of grain would be the best to used for a raw pasta? I would like to grind the dry grain myself into a “flour”. Just asking because I would like to use either kamut (distant relative of wheat) or quinoa, but have heard both good and bad about both. Just curious if anyone has any further info. Thanks:)


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Most people don’t use grains to make raw pasta, but use vegetables sliced thinly into strips on a mandolin or a saladicco. The most popular is courgette (zucchini) or squash. It tastes very good and satisfies most pasta cravings. I have learned that satisfying a pasta craving is more about the sauce than the pasta.

    I have never seen a raw recipe that doesn’t use vegetable strips for pasta. I guess it could work if you made some kind of batter, dehydrated it, and then cut it into strips while it was still flexible…more time consuming than slicing a courgette though! I am interested in what you come up with though, would you post it on here?

  • Zoe-

    I have tried the courgette pasta, and thought it was alright. But I really wanted to try and make a more authentic raw pasta, especially ravioli. My grandmother makes homemade noodles with just flour and h2o. I thought that maybe I could use a raw grain (that I grind myself) and mix with h2o for a noodle consistency. As of right now I have some raw Quinoa, and also a semolina flour (not raw). This weekend I plan on experimenting with both of these flours. I will post what I come up with. Thank you very much for your post.

  • smckiness,

    How did your experiment go?

  • AlexS-

    I have not had the time to try this experiment. This last week I just finished my finals, so now I will hopefully have more time to experiment. I appreciate all the help from everyone.

  • I used a semolina flour. The company that manufactures the flour (Bob’s Red Mill) told me that they do not heat the flour, and also that it doesn’t heat up during processing. I know that it is really hard to find items that are genuinely raw I called the company to find out. Anyway I used the flour to make a semolina pasta dough for Ravioli. I thought that they tasted pretty good. I did allow the dough to be put into pretty warm water (was about 110 F, I did check the temp) for a couple of minutes. This made it taste more like real pasta. I used mushrooms, and some onions for the filling. It was pretty good. My 2 year old son even liked them:):):) I think that you could soak the pasta for a couple of hours and they would also be more “doughy” like actual cooked pasta. I have a real love of homemade ravioli, and this is a solution for me that works. Especially since I can control the whole process, and have a huge variety of what I make for filling. I will have to try making them with seed cheese. That sounds yummy. Hope this helps.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    That sounds like a fun recipe! Could you please post step by step directions when you get a chance. I would like to try it!

  • Hi

    I’d like to try something like this with sprouted barley. Do you let your dough just air dry for a few hours? I’d love to hear more as well.

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