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Girlfridae1Girlfridae1 Raw Newbie

Hi Everyone-

I have been learning about eating raw and started today—so far so good! My question is this—are there any special nutrition concerns for people who follow this type of eating lifestyle? I have a great book called, Becoming Vegetarian, that I used when I became an ovo-vegetarian. I just want to make sure I stay healthy and get all my nutrients and protein and stuff.

Thanks for any advice/help/etc.

Cheers- Amy


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie


    was very concerned myself before i went raw as i had a history of anemia and hypothyrodism.

    think of it this way though: everything you ever cooked and thought was a “protein” or “iron” or “calcium” wasn’t doing much at all.

    as long as you eat a good variety and plenty of greens, you’ll be fine in my opinion (i am anyway). it’s ideal if the bulk of your diet is FRESH, ORGANIC and WHOLE.

    good luck!

  • Yeah I have to second pianissima, people always get into this way of eating and start to question if they are getting enough of this and that. When in there former diet they never questioned the days they only ate french fries a snickers bar maybe a red bull and some chips for the whole day. Eating living foods is like a domino effect you should start out by trying everything that you are not allergic to. In the beginning you may find yourself eating the same thing, but don’t let this discourage you. After a while your body will start to crave whole foods and you will actually no what it’s like to have instincts like an animal and feed your body what it needs. Educate yourself but don’t become a guru follower make wise decision and live your life. Food is not everything but it starts the ball rolling. And by all means I will sound like a mother here, eat and drink plenty of green leafy vegetables or else just don’t even try the living foods diet. People may ask what do you eat starting out, tell them “PLANTS” this will shut them up.

  • Girlfridae1Girlfridae1 Raw Newbie

    Thanks ardesmond/pianissima! I guess if I consider that cooked food was ‘dead’ food than really eating raw is better nutritionally—I never thought of that way! Well for breakfast I have this drink I saw on Oprah called ‘Dr. Oz’s Green Drink’ which is basically spinach, apple, ginger, parsely, lemon and lime and I add a teaspoon of raw cocunut oil as I heard it’s excellent for those who suffer with hypothyroidism (which is me) and I feel so incredibly energetic.

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer my post (I’m sure it’s a reoccuring one around here…)

  • SarahJSarahJ Raw Newbie

    Good luck Girlfridae1. Pianissima and Ardesmond2 have it right – lots of greens and listen to your body. You will know soon enough whether you need to make adjustments or modifications.

    Don’t be shy to ask questions here. You will soon see that no topics are taboo and that everyone is very helpful. :)

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    Some people will disagree with me on this, because supplements are kind of taboo here sometimes, but in addition to a balanced raw diet with lots of greens I take and would recommend taking a very high quality naturally sourced B12 vitamin. I think this is a logical step, considering arguably if we were eating this diet in a truly natural setting we would also be consuming small amounts of soil and bugs, and receiving our B12 that way. Since (most of us) are not, I think it’s ok and necessary to supplement…B12 is crucial for a lot of things. Also, to keep your omega-3 omega-6 balance in check, I would recommend a couple tablespoons of soaked or ground flaxseed in your daily diet. They are wonderful blended into smoothies, they give them a really creamy texture! Good luck=)

  • SarahJSarahJ Raw Newbie

    Elizabethh, that is a good point also. I also take supplements but make peace with my conscience by making sure they are vegan and high quality.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    From what i’ve read, my top recommendations: —eat 50% greens every day (through green smoothies made in vitamix, the nutrients are broken down to a size that is easily absorbed) —variety! your body needs a variety of greens, and secondly, fruits/veggies to thrive. try to use different greens in your smoothies every day. I know i crave variety, it helps with staying raw too. Well said, ardesmond, greens are a MUST. flax is good for omega 3- and b12, well, i take a supplement but i would stop if i knew that i didnt need it. calcium+vit d are a big concern for me too – perhaps the greens will meet my needs, i dont really know. girlfridae- good for you, taking care of your health to treat hypothyroidism. this diet should help you a lot – i’m thrilled that you’re open minded enough to seek a natural cure. : ) welcome to the forums at goneraw! B12 article:

  • Girlfridae1Girlfridae1 Raw Newbie

    Thanks Winona for the kind words. I am really loving this new way of eating and am feeling super positive about the effects it will have.

    See ya around the forums:)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    B12 is really the only thing you can’t get from raw plant foods. It is in some sea vegetables, but then people have said that it isn’t the right kind of B12 for our bodies to use. Gabriel Cousens, M.D. recommends a B12 supplement (the sublingual kind – under the tongue) for all vegans, and I think he sells one. is his website, and you can call them if you don’t see what you need on the website. For hypothyroidism, I used pineapple and kelp (in addition to coconut oil), because they are both food sources of iodine to nourish the thyroid. Enjoy your journey!

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