Any fellow spring cycle juice fasters or master cleansers

On the eighth day of a juice fast mostly cucumber carrot beets celery collards about 32 oz a day and 32 oz of chlorophyll waterFeel okay… strivin for 3 weeks but 2 would suit me fine…any insights or fellow fasters wanna share their experience thus far…. or maybe join in a fasting challenge for the duration of the week… the company would be enjoyed

your fellow warrior in wellness


  • Day 9!!! Yeah Me anyone in mid juice fast or master cleanse want to share their experience thus far or join me for the next week!!!

  • I have been juice fasting/feasting for 3 weeks now, but only half days and ending the day with a salad. Can’t really give to much feed back but besides my face broke out in this horrible rash like acne. As far as energy goes I was pretty down in the dumps for the first week. Started back in the gym and I am noticing that I have explosive energy and my muscles are never sore. I have only been juicing greens (kale,collard,spinach,dandelion) and then adding a apple or some oranges with a little ginger. I tried the savory juices but uhmmmm there not really my flavor.

  • cool adresmond how many weeks are you planning to fast if I might ask… you inspire me I have to at least do three weeks…thanks for the reply rawk on oh yeah I need to get back on my dance and yoga regimen I am sure that will fuel my energy thanks for the insight

  • I have just started three days ago. I could go along with you. I have not made up my mind on how long to do it , but committing to a week at a time. My main problem is that I am cold all the time. Usually on any given day but now its realy bad. I have only been doing raw since November so I dont know all that it could be and what to add to my juice, Do you…... Been juicing some greens and fruit. Poor hubby, he is not raw and the fridge is full of my food and his spot is the top corner of one shelf. He is supportive and shares salads all the time and taste tests the juices but now I am not cooking or uncooking for him….

    by the way I like your name…....

  • rawafromama – to tell you the truth I have decided to just incorporate the juices into my diet from here on out. Once I started the juice feast/fast I was all excited about getting all cleaned out, but quickly realized that it was something that I would just rather do everyday, kinda like brushing your teeth. It just makes since to me to have the day time meals already liquefied to give your body a break until lunchtime. So if you add that up that is a 22 hour fast considering you go to bed at 9:00 and make your last meal at 7:00 pm. Since my body is only going to take what solid food I eat and liquefy it anyways I figure I would give my 30 year body a break, until my instinct asks for me to do something else. The cool thing I have noticed since I have gone raw and eating living foods is that I have gained my instincts back. I can look at a recipe and tell what it is missing or whether I will like it. I also can listen to my body and no instinctively what I am missing, whether that be fats, protein, fruit sugars and what not. I think that is the best part about eating living foods is the getting back to nature and feeling connected to the intelligence that made us. I have also been incorporating some sun bathing between the hours of 9-3pm for no more then 30-45 minutes which I highly recommend. You can almost feel all the antioxidants, mineral and nutrients going to work in you while the sun baths you in Vitamin D3.

  • Thank you kindly a raw oma… there is actually a whole forum on being cold all the time I dont know if you saw or contributed to it is quite enlightening I thought I was anemic or lacking some important nutrients but I got my labs back from the DOC and I am in perfect health… so I guess warming spices and things like ginger might warm us up.. Have you tried throwing ginger and things in your juices? I hear you ADRESMOND2 I agree with the sensory sensitivity and increased instinct and body awareness it certainly comes with the living food lifestyle…thats a great way of approaching it just let your body be the guide… WOW I wish I could sunbathe here in NYC its barely spring.. would love to MOVE just dont know where to go.. anywhere warm right? I guess I will figure out soon… I know for certain I am going to finish the three week all juice fast so lets roll a raw oma— to your health.. CHEERS!

  • Love ginger in my juices drinking one right now with apple, ginger, mixed kale, and a blood orange. CHEERS

  • OOHH that sounds marvelous… I think I am going to make something similar.. dont have any blood oranges… but I have a tangerine…

  • if you have Limes they are excellent to. Some cucumber would have made this even juicier.

  • Been juicefeasting since March 2, this day is 27. There is a great juice recipe on this site called fuchia fruit fantastic,might be mis-spelled,fushia. Has ginger in it and is very tasty and a nice change from the same old flavors. You could also try a savory green juice with greens of your choice basil, cilantro,garlic,tomato,and cayenne. It tastes like soup and the cayenne will warm you up. Are any of you all participating in the global juice feast ( There is a load of support there and at a bunch of info on how to get all the nutrients you need to do a long juice feast. I’m feeling great now, like I could do another 30 days. Happy juicing!

  • Oooh thanks for the link yammy girl.. limes and cucumber more great ideas… more work for my lowly Jack Lalane…are you all hard core champion non centrifugal juicers or ?

  • All,thanks to you for the addition of ginger. yammygirl,I have been using cilantro, it never was one of my favorites, but lately I think I like it more. Someone told me I would start to like greens more the longer I drink them, I think they were right.

    rawafromama, I have a Jack Lalaine too, but since its the only kind I have ever used I seem to be happy with it. I think it cleans up easier than my daughters Champion. I Googled juice feasting and got all kinds of Blogs on the subject and all kinds of ideas for different juice combos, there are alot to choose from. Some have been really yummy. Drinking a pear,spinach,and mango right now. I have been doing the feast for 6 days and its getting easier everyday. Not nearly as hungry as the first few days.

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