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I know that in the past I’ve lost weight rather fast being on the raw food way of eating. When I eat raw I feel more active and want to move more. But some people have brought up wanting lower fat recipes and wanting to eat with less nuts and sweets to help them loose weight faster.

I would love to hear comments on this since currently even though I’m moving back to eating raw 100% again I’m going though a medical condition that makings it hard to exercise and also sends out signals to eat SAD. (Sigh) I am planning on having surgery the middle of April but would really like to get to 100% raw, maybe do the Master cleanse before and get my body ready for this, meaning loose a few more pounds.

Sooooooo anyone out there trying to loose the pounds or have lost the pounds want to add in?


  • Hello:) I have found that after the initial joyous weight loss, I have managed to become a little more cuddly due to over work and lack of time to exercise. With the overwork comes stress and the need to eat things like nuts and nuts and more nuts and of course sugar. Though all is not lost! There was a time when I was on holiday and lying around for days on end reading and not moving, I managed to not gain any weight or lose any tone by eating lots of greens and fresh, stimulating things like ginger, basil, black pepper, goji berries and drinking lemon water. Most of all, my thoughts were relaxed and positive which is the most important thing. At the moment, I notice my lack of physical movement and assume that my body will morph into this lazy pudgy thing (and low and behold what doth happen…) So, I am jumping on the “love myself” train and sending gorgeous squishy love vibes to my cells, reading the words of positive folk (Dr Wayne Dyer is the best!!!!) and following what my body is saying to me. Cravings for things like nuts or junky food, fat, sugar, comforting stuff, often mean a need for nutrient dense foods. Nourishing green smoothies do it for me, or guacamole dip with cucumber and juicy carrot sticks. Cut open a fragrant mango and eat the whole thing to yourself! Nature has provided us with comforting luscious foods, its just that we need to prepare for these times in advance:) Xxx.

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    I think the master cleanse is a great way to jump start weight loss, not because of the cleanse itself or even the weight loss associated with it, but because of the way it refocuses your meals, etc. I use to think “I have to eat everytime I have even the slightest bit of hunger” and I’m not saying I starve now, by any means, but I’ve learned that true hunger can be filled once or twice a day and the rest was really emotional eating for me. For example, my husband and I, pre cleanse, use to always eat a pretty substantial “snack” a couple hours after dinner in front of the TV. Every night, and I”m talking things like two pieces of eziekel bread with flax oil or a little bowl of non raw cereal or several raw cookies. Now, after dinner I’ve realized I’m never truly hungry and have limited it to a bite of something sweet right at the conclusion of dinner then nothing else. It sounds simple, and maybe others don’t have those habitiual, emotional eating issues but I sure did and the master cleanse helped with that.

  • I totally agree with both of you. I think my body is really screaming out for more greens and fruits instead of the nuts and grains I’ve been eating lately. Or course my favorite thing to make is the deserts. My friends think I need to open a dessert shop! LOL Came across some fantastic raw food desserts last night but the person promoting them just was teasing with the photos. They were all mouth watering looking but she keeps going on about a book and no recipes for them, which I believe was like last year. LOL I’m trying to cut down on the sweets even raw ones so that was probably a good thing.

    Today I made my sesame seed milk. It’s one of the things that I read from the Boutenko Family that helps cut the sweet cravings and it sure does. It’s defiantly an acquired taste though but once you get used to it not too bad. After I drink I don’t desire anything sweet, weird but it works. I’ll be starting the Master Cleanse next week. Bought a bunch of fruits and veggies last night and made my mock tuna which is to die for. I add it to my salad and it’s perfect.

    I think that habitual and emotional eating is one of the biggest problems of todays obesity and poor health. We eat because it’s breakfast time or lunch time, or bored and because were listening to our body. I totally am guilty of this. That’s another thing that the Boutenko book talks about, learning to listen to your body. Their family eats very little and they are amazingly healthy. She talks about her son going on a ski trip with the school and only bringing and apple to eat all day even though he’s now boarding all day long. Makes you think doesn’t it. There book “Raw Family: A True Story of Awakening by Victoria Boutenko; Igor Boutenko; Sergei Boutenko; Valya Boutenko” is a must read.

    Just did a great seminar with James Ray who talks about coming home eating and sitting in front of the brain sucking machines other wise know as the TV. How we have to say sometimes “Is watching TV every night when I come home really helping me get where I want to be?”. I had to say is sitting here vegging out all the time and eating cuz I’m bored really helping me. NOPE. Not that I think watching a show now and again is bad, just when it becomes habit is when the problem starts for me. Box of raw cookies is as bad as a big box of SAD cookies when your not hungry.

  • sorry about the typos, multi tasking and have to run to get ready for work. Have a great day everyone.

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    Interesting bellasera. I started 90% raw 2 years ago and dropped 7lbs the first week. I continued to lose a total of 14 pounds—too much for me. I went to 75% and gained back about 8. 100% raw followed this past fall and it did take much longer to see the weight come off even though i felt great. Only 2 pounds the first week and a total of 9 pounds before i levelled off. then i really went off over the holidays. Now I have been 90-100% raw for almost 3 weeks and although again i immediately felt terrific, the weight loss has been very slow, but is finally kicking in. i don’t have much to lose, but the 5 pounds I had gained felt like 20 to me. No detoxing symptoms at all this time.

  • Boy oh boy I’ve seen some of the detox people go through and I have to say how glad I am I never had it that bad. Glad your doing good lzhpt.

  • I managed to lose 30kg (66 lbs) on a vegetarian diet over a year, however I still have about 8kg to lose and wish to see how I manage losing this on a raw diet. I have been adding raw food into my diet for a couple of months and am starting a MC on Monday. The MC is good for losing excess weight; I lost 3 kg in about 3 days last time I tried one and it felt good to refresh my body.

  • I think the best way to lose weight on raw is to eat as much veggies as you can and some fruit but not tons of fruits and nuts. My goal is lose at least a stone and a half in the next 6 mos eating raw 90% or more. I think a big part of this will to be to stop thinking about the weight and think instead about “having the best body for me” and eating “the best food I can possibly eat” Thanks David Wolfe :)

  • I have had a lot of success with daily weighing helping me manage my weight, as I have been someone who can easily let a lot of weight creep on unconsciously. Since starting to go raw about a month ago, I have not weighed myself. However, I can tell that my clothes are looser and I feel more body-confident. I really wanted to re-focus on eating HEATLHY instead of losing weight. When I focus on weight loss I tend to drink diet soda and coffee all day, and chew gum compulsively. The more “diet” “health” food I eat the worse I feel about my body. When I focus on eating raw, my whole body image changes and I don’t feel obsessed with food. It seems the more green veggies I eat the less I want the heavier fruits and tons of nuts…the miracle of nature at work.

  • My boyfriend and I have been raw for almost 2 months now. I have lost 25 pounds, and my boyfriend has lost 32. His weight loss is now stabilizing – he really doesn’t have that much left to lose, I still have a way to go. But we are not limiting our nut intake or anything. I eat tons of fruit because I constantly crave it. I eat whenever hungry. I still have quite a bit of weight to go, but the results have been amazing, I feel great, and people keep telling me I am glowing. Raw Rocks.

  • I often think about the human body and how everyone of us responds to nutrients slightly different from the next. My boyfriend and I are prime examples. He can eat all the nuts, dehydrated food/fruit, and pretty much whatever raw falls into his hands and he has trouble keeping his weight UP. Whereas, I don’t eat nuts, seeds, grains, dried food of any kind and I have a hell of a time keeping my weight down. However, I found that following the “rules of digestion” has helped me significantly. I had a heck of a time acclimating myself to this path, but it seems to be the only thing keeping my weight down. Not that I have ever been crazy overweight. Maybe like 30 lbs MAX. It’s definitely a pain in the neck when I see all these wonderful recipes and wish to prepare them!

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