Help with family

Recently my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. However what really is bothering her is how much she weighs everytime they have her step on a scale. I went home and had her eating probably 70% raw, she lost 5 lbs in a week and was very happy. However she complains she needs something more substantial, any ideas or favorite recipes would be a help. She will always eat what i fix but i want her to be HAPPY and HEALTHY.


  • To hlp transition to raw I think nut meats, nut pates, etc really help because they are so dense and help with the full feeling. I would just makes several different kinds and be creative with the presentation. Wrap it in leaves or nori. Or make some raw chips and put “taco meat” on top with guac and salsa.

  • Dehydrated foods will really help. Buying a dehydrator will really be worth the money. They make foods taste richer and more like conventional foods. Also, Kambucha is a health drink that was origionally formulated to help battle breast cancer. The person it was formulated for survived. You can read about this on the label too. I would recommend that you buy a lot of this drink for your mother. good luck and I’ll be thinking of you and your mum.

  • Thank you all for all your help and support! I will really look into the drink

  • when i feel a bit cranky, i eat like two avocados. I really just started this diet though. but they seem to take away mt fat and protein cravings.

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