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All right, ladies. Summer is coming and along with it sandals, flip flops, etc. I do like my feet to look nice, but since going raw have not put any polish on my toes because I don’t want the toxins to go through the nail bed and into the rest of my body. Can anyone recommend an all natural nail color? Sorry if this sounds vain, but I find nice looking feet festive!


  • Well, if you are that adament about not putting polish, try a natural pedi, where they just buff the toe nail so it shines! If you get them to leave the nail a little longer, you could also get a white stick, ( kind of like a white pencil crayon)and sort of colour in the underside of the nail, giving a French pedicure look.

    Me, I am pretty vain. I figure I don’t use any comercial products on my face, and use an organic hair and body wash, that polish on my toes, is a risk i am willing to take 5 months out of the year!

  • instead of polish just get a basic pedicure, and then get them buffed. you can get them nice and shiny and healthy looking without all the chemicals. as far as i know there is no non-toxic polish.

  • aaah, luna blu, we posted at the same time :)!

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I did a search not too long ago about natural nail polishes. There are some out there that claim to be less toxic. Of course who knows how less toxic they really are! I’m with luna though, I keep everything else so natural, I’m willing to be a little bad and paint them for flip flop season !

  • Thanks, everyone. Like you all, I use all natural products, but I do cheat a little as well. I use the Aveda haircolor which supposedly only has “3%” chemicals (whatever that means). I have thought about just getting the pedi with the nail buffing only…but Luna Blu and coconutty, I may end up joining you with throwing caution to the wind (!).

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    I’ll work on trying to find that company I came across. I’ll be pissed if I can’t find them cause I really wanted to try it out.

    After a quick search, no luck, not giving up though!

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    This is the route I’m taking http://www.iamapeacekeeper.com/default.aspx?. The company is Peacekeeper, hope the link works. I went without polish the last two years and I can’t do it this year. I buffed and did what I could naturally, but doing so much gardening all summer doesn’t make for pretty toes, so I’m trying this company – the colors are beautiful and they donate money to good causes. All the ingredients are on the website and are rated for safety by the Environmental Working Group. I also found a remover at the health food store by Honeybee Gardens that has to be better than the regular.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Hey, that’s the company I was trying to find!!!!! Awesome!

  • amysue, thank you so much for the link. I am going to purchase some of products and bring the polish next time I get a pedi. I’ll also check out that polish remover.

  • OK, I am a happy girl now. I’ve been pondering this very question, and just to know I’m not the only one is awesome. :o)

    My thought process was going like this:

    My toes look icky, I need a pedicure. Oh, but I’m not using polish anymore, and I’m letting the acrylic nails grow out (I know…), and I’m slowly switching over to all natural products, and how vain is that to get a pedicure anyway, and what about all the people who can’t afford pedicures, and who’s going to care if I have pretty toes anyway?

    Hahaha… I tend to think myself into conniptions. ;o)

    Thanks for putting up the link to Peacekeeper, amysue. I’m gonna check that out!

  • There is a thread on this in the Other Section somewhere – it came up about a month or so ago.

    Yes, there is no such things as “completely natural” nail polish. You can really make nail polish without some chemicals. There are some that claim to be less toxic. One brand I found is “No Miss” – you can buy online that Vegan Essentials or they do have a website. Keep in mind about things like nail polish remover too which can often be worse than the nail polish its self. All that stuff gets absorb into your skin.

    I am with the buffing. – get your self a nice one and apply things like shea butter or coconut oil to your nail and buff away – You will increase the blood flow to your nails and they will get more nutrients. The best thing i ever did for my nails was to stop nail polishes etc. I used to wear the glue on fakes and my real nails were so dry and thin – the glue killed them – now they are so strong and thick and grow like weeds. I actually don’t really “take care” of them but they grow so fast. I do file and shape and buff everyonce and while but sometimes I even trim them down!

    I wish my hair grew as fast as my nails!

  • You know what… I just re-read my post (because I do that almost obsessively to make sure I didn’t say something too dorky) and I realized that maybe it sounds like I have acrylic nails on my TOES. Hahaha… I do not. That would be silly. Unless anyone in gone raw land does actually have acrylic nails on their toes. Then it’s, um, interesting. Heh. ;o) OK, shutting up now.

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Hey, I’v seen people do acrylics on their toes! Why???... Who the heck knows!!! I assumed you meant your hands though! ;-)

  • Well, I’ve never enjoyed painting my nails much. It takes so long, and then it just peels off within a day or a few…so I figure, why bother? I don’t really care about it anyway. But whaen I have time, I do the buffing thing. It really works well. Another thing I do to my fingers when i want to add something quickly is stick on little nail stickers. They are small, like tiny circles, with cute little shapes on them. They don’t cover much of my nail, so it doesn’t cut off the ventilation or whatever. I don’t suppose that would be something adults would do though.lol(I’m 15 and 11/12) Most of the time I just leave them natural though. They look great that way already so whay should I mess other than to shape them?

  • i always find it a waste to paint my fingernails because the polish peels off in the kitchen, typing, etc. my toe nails though are a different story. for some reason when i’m in a yoga class i love looking down at my feet and seeing a pretty, cheery colour. it always seems to make me smile and feel re-energized. i know it’s a funny reason to put chemicals on your toes but it always seems to make my feet feel pretty, and it’s a little hidden summer surprise stuffed in my winter boots.

    i would love to try the natural ones…i wonder if they ship to Canada.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    I hear ya lalala, I think it’s because I’m fair. It’s fine if you’re tan, but when you’re fair the naked toes aren’t as pretty. I’m still laughing at jenergy and her acrylic toes!

  • amysue, I just got my nail polish and lipstick from peacekeeper. Great recommendation! They are very nice products.

  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    That’s great! I only have a lipstick at the moment and every week I eye the polishes, waiting for weather to be warm enough to bare my toes. I have my eye on the dark red, perfect for the polish-starved.

  • I have to say, they really did a great job describing which lipstick would go with what hair color and skin tone. I’ll definitely order again.

  • If anyone lives in Northern Cali, I just went to a newish place called Elephant Pharm yesterday. It is sort of a “natural” pharmacy. Anyhow, they had a few brands of “natural” nail polish and removers. I just looked briefly but they had the No Miss brand and another one plus a remover they called “almost natural”.

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