Adrenal Fatigue/Exhaustion

Does anybody have experience/comments with raw food as it relates to helping debilitating adrenal fatigue/chronic fatigue/pain?


  • i have fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue/ibs and i’ve been fighting with my diet to sort it out for quite some time.

    on raw food, i have less stomach issues, less pain and more energy. however, as you likely know, sometimes you feel like crap for absolutely no reason you can think of, and i still get that but not as often. raw foods have definitely increased the amount of useable working time in my day, being time that i’m not stretching, collapsed on the couch, or barely mentally present.

    i also cut out gluten, which made a huge difference to me.

    the only comment i would make is that going raw can amplify sensitivities you may not have noticed. i eat a cooked meal about twice a week and often eat vegan thai food at a nearby restaurant. once i hit about 90% raw i started to get quite sick when i ate there, and began having terrible reactions to what i later found out was a small amount of MSG that had never affected me before. Wouldn’t give it up though…i’m almost completely off one of my medications!

    hope that helped!

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    Definitely adrenal fatigue – I had to learn to cut out unnecessary expenditures of energy, too, but I have told my mom more than once the last year or so that I feel the only reason my body hasn’t shut sown like it used to is because I am eating raw. When I started eating cooked food last semester, I discovered I had been right, because My health/energy deteriorated rapidly! I quickly went back to raw when I realized what was happening, and life is much better again. I have a friend who has weird bone spurs that cut her muscles, so she is in constant pain. She used to take an enzyme supplement (there was only one brand that had the variety of all the enzymes she needed) and it helped her pain a lot. Eating 100% raw gave her the enzymes she needed so she didn’t have to take the supplement any more, and she didn’t have the pain. Sprouts have the most enzymes because they are still growing, and I notice myself feeling better the more I have those.

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    raw food—wonderful. Also remember that your adrenals are housed in your thoracic spine so anything you can do there to get this area moving would be enormously beneficial. GYRONONIC is fabulous for the spiraling motions required of the thoracic spine. Yoga also. Add thoracic/heart openers and twists to improve neural communication here—preferably with someone who knows what they are doing. RYT-registered yoga therapist or GYROTONIC instructor. There is a link on for certified instructors in your area.

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    Maca is suppose to help equalize and support adrenal function. After being concerned over some test results, which included adrenal problems, I decided to start taking it.

    Here are some links:

    Good General Info:

    Doctor’s Comments:

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    Doctor’s Comments:


    Sales site:…

    Sales site:


  • Thanks for the input so far. I’m taking it all in. Interesting maca articles. I’m going to read more about this. I don’t know a lot about maca, and just yesterday was wondering “is this just some ‘trendy’ raw food ingredient or is there a reason for it”?!

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