118 degrees?

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I’ve heard not all foods have enzymes that are destroyed at temperatures of 118 degrees. If I remember correctly from a David Wolfe lecture, cacao’s critical temp is 170 degrees. Maybe agave nectar also can tolerate higher temps, since it’s a desert plant.

I would like to hear what the rest of you know about this somewhat controversial topic. Thanks! :)


  • I always dehydrate my food at or under 115 degrees, because I’m paranoid. lol That’s interesting though, I’d like to learn more about this too!

  • I have heard that too, I am not to worried about it, but at the same time I usually max at 115 degrees because I am not ever dehydrating just cacao or agave and the other things are sensitive. However, I often turn my dehydrator onto 145 for an hour or two and then turn it down, saves time and according to a lot of books is perfectly fine. I know many won’t agree with that, but I am speaking for myself. When I do it, the food feels perfectly fine to me! Let us know if you find out more.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Yes, I dehydrate at 145 degrees with my Excalibur for an hour or two as well, since the temp inside the dehydrator is 20-25 lower, and the internal temp of the food is lower still. Gabriel Cousens thinks this is a safer method of dehydrating. This method applies to the Excalibur, so I’m not sure about other brands.

    I use a Vitamix 4500 for my chocolate deserts, and sometimes the temp of the mixture can reach 120 degrees (I use an instant read thermometer) if I let it run too long. So I was somewhat concerned.

    Some people believe agave is not raw because temperatures inside the agave plant can reach over 118 degrees in the desert.

  • Wow, I would really like to know about this, I was crushed when I heard that cocoa and agave were not really raw!

    You think you are paranoid? I dehydrate at 105! Takes longer, but I know i won’t be killing anything!!!

    Hmmm, if the agave cactus withstands that sort of heat in the desert and is still alive, doesn’t that mean the enzymes are still alive? This is really interesting!!

  • The minimum “temp” to dehydate at to keep foods “raw” is debatable among the rawies. I have heard everything from 95 to 150! I usually stay at 110. I would figure the lower your temp the “safer” you are to not being going over the real minimum temp.

  • I think if David Wolfe says the magic number for cocoa is 170, then other foods enzymes must have different temperature that they perish at! So keeping on the low side is the safe route!

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    I don’t trust dehydrators. Some people say 105 is when enzymes break down, some say 118, others might say 170. So, I just avoid them alltogether and let my food firm in the freezer, fridge, or counter-top. I can still get the effects of crispiness, chewiness, and whatever else a dehydrator might produce, without the confusion.

  • Be careful though, things may begin to grow mold or bacteria. Just because you don’t see the mold doesn’t mean it hasn’t stated!

    Seeing as different foods have different chemical makeups, i would assume the enzymes must be different in their make ups as well. Hence the differences in temps.

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