Am I missing something? Is there a reason that I am seeing a whole slew of nut/seed recipes, lots of sprouted buckwheat – but after browsing for awhile, I have yet to see any with sprouted beans/legumes and what about quinoa/millet?? (Poorly constructed sentence there, sorry!) It seems like the recipes on this site – though some really great ideas – are rather limited to a fairly small range of (mostly sweet) ingredients. Where/how do you get enough protein? What food do you eat that leaves you feeling content/satisfied? Especially when you are making the transition? Please help me out in understanding. Maybe I need to just do more reading on this one sometime. I’m not eating the SAD at all. For the past year have cut out most grains/processed foods/sugar/and eat 90% or so organic. I’m wanting to incorporate more raw/vegetarian meals but am seeing potential issues w/raw as it relates to my health/protein needs.


  • EnjoyRawEnjoyRaw Raw Newbie

    I agree with this one, especially since I’m a bean fanatic. I was doing canned beans, but I think that’s a no, no. But I haven’t been able to sprout/soak anything as of yet. I’ll be watching this one for answers. Mentors where are you? :)

  • I can feel you psalm25, I have started to do more sprouting to see what effect that takes. There is a great recipe on here called Spinach and Red Mustard Salad W/ Chickpea Dal.

  • EnjoyRaw your profile is too deep. Hope you find the support you are looking for. I sometimes wonder how it would be if I had such a hard time with my spouse, but luckily we are on the same page. In light you have to know in your heart that forty feet of intestinal tract was just not made to digest meat.

    Peace and Blessings. I love your pic it could be oil panting.

  • EnjoyRawEnjoyRaw Raw Newbie

    Thanks ardesmond2 – I’ve been talking to my hubby about his colon (God I hate to think what it looks like) I think I almost have talked him into doing a colon cleansing. We have a hard and fast rule in our house that you have to try before you say you don’t like it. Orginally it was to get the kids to try more veggies – now the kids and I use it on my hubby to try more raw foods.

    Peace and Blessings – Back at ya and I have found wonderful support here! :)

  • Greetings family…i have sprouted lentils, and loved them. I”m a little weary of soaking and sprouting other beans because I’ve read/heard that our bodies don’t digest beans well unless they are cooked. So, I’m about 95% raw as I do cook a pot of beans with veggies on occassion. Ardesmond2, you add a really beautiful vibe to this site…i appreciate you. Enjoyraw, I’m single, and in recent times that men have expressen any interest in me and I tell them that I eat raw foods, I get that “look.” I’m joyful, though. This is one of the best journeys I”ve ever been on, and this one will not end. Peace and blessings…

  • EnjoyRawEnjoyRaw Raw Newbie

    I tried soaking some garbonzo beans the other day and as my 5 yr old would say – thas dgusthing (speech problem). I changed the water every day – they plumped, but smelled awful. I decided to table the beans for right now until I can get a better understanding of soaking and sprouting.

    If a man is not willing to respect your journey – he’s not worth inviting on the trip. Hence, my hubby has gotten a lot better – it’s still a challenge, but he’s getting better. We both grew up on the Soul food SAD diet – where everything is fried from morning to night – veggies included. This past summer I watched my step-mother cook eggs and almost threw-up. I reminded her that the egg was already dead she didn’t have to drown it in quart of grease. Really – the egg was floating on top of the grease. YUK!

  • yes…i grew up on our so called soul food. we seem to forget that our ancestors had to eat that food, and as we have always done, they made a meal out of nothing…something out of nothing. true soul food is food that feeds the soul, not our continued oppression. so, i hear you about if a man is not willing to respect my journey, and i know this is truth. i want a relationship where we are both healing, growing, loving…when the time is right, there he will be! oh, about sprouting..when i sprouted the lentils, i soaked overnight, drained the water and put them in a strainer with a bowl underneath and a damp papertowel over the top. they sprouted in 1 day. so, i think you’re only supposed to soak overnight, then you take them out of the water to sprout. peace…

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I’ll try sprouting red or brown lentils. The little red ones sprout quickly, i bet. I always see them in the supermarket – they’re called “crunchy sprouts” and are recommended for use on salads. Psalm25 – I think some of us don’t use the sprouted beans because 1)we dont know how to prepare food with them 2) it’s time consuming to sprout 3) some of us can’t digest sprouted beans very well. Regarding quinoa- there’s a few recipes here about it. But please, experiment and add more recipes. I have no idea how to prepare recipes like this – I very kindly want to remind newcomers that people adding recipes to the site are not chefs, not nutritionists – most of us are experimenting. For a truly balanced diet, for better recipes, for meal ideas using sprouting grains/beans, I suggest finding a real raw cookbook – I don’t know what the best ones are, but others might. Oh, and to feel satisfied, I eat a lot of whole foods (veggies, fruits) with dips or nut butters.

  • batyah Thanks for the compliment I am all warm and fuzzy inside while I sit here in cubicle world doing my 8 hours. I sprouted some mung beans last night, well over the course of two days and ate them last night :) . They were very tasty and even my daughter ate them up even though she doesn’t care for the texture.

    Winona yeah the crunchy sprouts at the store have a weird taste to them but I sometimes use them when TIME is of the essense.

    Sprouting is really cheap just get in the habit of having something sprouting at the house, and when you need just that extra kick for a salad or when you are out of food and the mind starts to get more in the creative mood just go with it. I was so concerned when I first started eating living foods having a chef back ground that I wouldn’t be able to make good food this way without some recipe, but after some time. I have really come to the conclusion that the more living foods you eat the more you get your instincts back and making food becomes easier and easier its all progression. Try not to rush the process. LOVE this SITE>

    ps sorry for the run-on’s and fragments but I just prefer to type the way I talk, without all the fussy grammar.


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Hmm good point about food preparation, ardesmond. I jumped into challenging recipes several times, and I wasn’t happy with the results. Stepping back, and trying 1 gourmet per week, has had better results. The rest of the time, it’s whole food or less than 5 ingredients. It’s good to know that I may eventually develop instincts.

  • you’re welcome, ardesmond2. as someone who also enjoyed the creative process of cooking, I’ve been really excited by all the great recipes on this site, and other sites, too. I’ve experimented with a few that have been amazing, and a few that have not turned out as great. but just like with preparing cooked meals, this is all part of the fun, and how we learn and grow our raw repertoire! This journey is one that continues to expand and heal me, and for this, i am always grateful. peace..

  • alpdesignsalpdesigns Raw Newbie

    Because beans are a no-no for PWMS (molecular mimicry), my protein comes from dark leafy greens, sprouts, nuts and seeds. I like to read the recipes, but rarely make them, especially the deserts. I generally like meals with fewer ingredients. I’ve been eating raw for over four years, so my taste may be different from those still transitioning from cooked food.

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