I think i need to buy one book about raw. i have to order to US, cause here in Japan i dont know whether i can buy ones or not. But can you suggest me which is one better. How about Tonya Zavasta,Beautiful On Raw!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I answered this on your other forum, I thought I’d copy and paste it here in case you missed it ;)

    My favourites are “Nature’s First Law, The Raw Food Diet’ by Dini, Arlin and Wolfe.

    ‘Detox Your World’ by Shazzie

    ‘Hooked on Raw’ by Rhio

    ‘Living Cuisine’ by Renee Underkoffler

    ‘Vital Creations’ by Chad Sarno.

    You can download some recipe e-books from Jinjee and Storm’s website: They use simple ingredients and no dehydrator, and their e-books are inexpensive…ideal for starting out

  • thanks to Zoe I will check them

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    What type of books would you like to read? Recipe books (uncook books)? Books about people’s experiences going raw? Did you want books that are backed up with scientific studies or books that are more personal and less scientific?

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