question about a book

Please advice me which book is better to buy? How about Beautiful On Raw! of Tonya Zavasta


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    My favourites are “Nature’s First Law, The Raw Food Diet’ by Dini, Arlin and Wolfe.

    ‘Detox Your World’ by Shazzie

    ‘Hooked on Raw’ by Rhio

    ‘Living Cuisine’ by Renee Underkoffler

    ‘Vital Creations’ by Chad Sarno.

    You can download some recipe e-books from Jinjee and Storm’s website: They use simple ingredients and no dehydrator, and their e-books are inexpensive…ideal for starting out

  • I love Living Cuisine by Renee Underkoffler, a friend got it for me last year and its like my bible!!

  • I agree-Living Cuisine is also my favorite book. Renee is such a gentle soul. Her book is not “all or nothing”.

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