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Dry Brushing Brush recommendations

I’m looking for a good brush for dry skin brushing. Anyone have a suggestion of a favorite


  • Hey kminty3! I love my Yerba Prima brush with the detachable handle for my body and I use a Bass facial cleansing brush to dry brush my face and chest (avoid the eyes!). I tried an Earth Therapeutic brush made from palm (I think) and it scratched my skin.

  • Any brand with sisal bristles works well. You don’t have to brush hard.

  • I use the Yerba Prima brush with detachable handle also and it is great.

  • I use the Yerba Prima brush as well!

  • Yerba Prima brush for me, too.

  • I got mine from The Body Shop for $10. It doesn’t have a handle, so if you want a smaller one it’s great. The bristles are natural too.

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