New to Raw food...I need help

Hello. So. My husband and I just recently decided to try eating all raw foods. I do really well with mostly veggies in my diet, but he really needs a lot of carbs cuz he’s got such a high metabolism. What I’d like to know is how, if there is a way, to prepare things like rice or potatoes or pasta without cooking them.


  • Hi, I live in Osaka and as i told before i am totally a beginner. I am not sure what else i can buy except vegetable and fruits. Can i buy any nuts, almonds, walnuts from any store? Or I should find some special stores for raw food or? What we have here is just raw fishes-sashimi. So can i eat raw fish?

  • Hi Flesh and Judy,

    I am new to this too, Flesh many fruits (bananas for example) and sprouted legumes (lentils and chickpeas) are very filling and nutritious. I really hope that some experience people respond to you that can advise you and give you a reference text. I find that eating (green smoothies in the morning 60% fruit and 40 percent green veggies ) having salads with avocado, grinding almonds or cashews on the salads, and eating a variety of greens, kale, lettuces, chard, tomatoes, and making soups at night, blended soups is satisfying. For people who are looking for nutrient dense and calorie dense foods making nut breads, nut loaves helps. Look in the recipe section of this site.

    Judy- I do not have access to organic anything here so I am making do with what’s available at the supermarket (I live in a small town in southern Italy) If in Japan where you live you have access to organic markets, I think the produce from those stores is safer and better for you. As for the raw fish, I think its a matter of choice, I am a vegan raw-live food person. I think that eating animal product which is acidic is problematic for me anyway. Again I am new at this and I am winging it too, I hope some experienced raw foodarians respond to you. Wish you both the very best…deasmiles :)

  • Hi Fleshmechanic, Congrats on the decision. I am relatively new to raw foods (almost 5 months now) but what I would suggest for your husband is adding more heavy fruits such as avocados or bananas, nuts, seeds and sprouted grains. I also felt the carb denial at first and found myself eating a lot of soaked/sprouted bean salads (check out my red lentil salad recipe on here, it is quick and easy and doesn’t require actual sprouting.) If it is just the taste and sensation of pasta and rice he is missing, try making zucchini noodle pesto, or lasagna, or cauliflower rice to fill that gap until his tastes adjust. There are recipes for all of those on this site.

    Judy, I live in Chile where there it is also hard to find many organic things or health food store items. It is hard huh? I am a raw vegan so I don’t eat raw fish, but if you are interested in doing it, a great book is “in the raw” by Carol Alt which is designed for beginners and is not vegan. She includes raw fish and cheese in her diet.

    Good Luck!

  • Thanks a bunch for responding to me, and I’ll definatelly try that red lentil recipe. I just want to make sure my husband doesn’t lose any weight cuz he’s already pretty thin and he works really hard landscaping all day long so he burns through calories like crazy.

  • FleshMechanic,

    If your husband is hungry, he should try eating more fruit. If he is still hungry, he should eat more fruit. Nuts, seeds, avocados, and dried fruit also have a lot of calories, but do not overdo them.

    Pasta is not raw. It has been processed. I think it’s possible to sprout rice, which would make it edible, though I have never tried it. I am not sure raw potatoes are edible. But, raw sweet potatoes are edible and very tasty. Just peel a raw sweet potato and then grate it. It tastes (and looks) like carrots, except sweeter. Also, raw corn is sweet and tasty. Just take an ear of corn, clean it off, put it vertically in a large bowl, and cut off the kernels with a knife. After trying it, I don’t understand why people cook corn—it tastes so much better raw.

  • Hi Flesh,

    I am very new to raw foods as well. Alyssa Cohen has some great recipes…she turns “normal, everyday foods” and makes them raw. That may make the transition a bit easier. Also, if you haven’t tried it yet, raw speghetti squash is great for those pasta cravings not to mention a good carb.Zucchini is great for making raw lasagne.

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