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I’m a begginer and I have a lot of doubts, for example:

Eating greens seems very important on a raw diet but I can’t buy organic greens but I can buy organic seeds, so… greens and sprouts have similar values? Can I take sprouts instead of greens?

Is it easy to take all amynoacids we need?

And calcium and vitamin B12?

Thank you so very much.


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    I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to your green veggie problem, I don’t know enough about sprouts to be of help, but you should be able to get enough calcium from other sources like chia seeds, figs, almonds and lots of other food sources if you research it online. I now take a B12 supplement after reading an article by Dr. Gabriel Cousens that was posted on this site. Depending on where you live, there are lots of sources on the web for raw foods, superfoods, green foods, etc. that might help. I’m sure others will kick in with their knowledge so be persistent!

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    Thanks amysue, I’ll try to research online, I have to learn a lot… for example: what is CHIA? I will look right now!

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    Hey! I learned about chia seeds from this site, there’s a forum, just not sure where it is anymore, I would just start searching backwards. There was a fabulous link to an article by Angela Stokes with some info and recipes.

  • Here is the link for Angela’s article:

    Although it is a bit pricey, here is a link to a really good B12 supplement (Did you know that you are actually supposed to absorb B12 through the soles of your feet as you walk through the soil, where the vitamin used to be plentiful?):…

    Just like with protein, I had to show my friends and family that I had discovered that much better sources of calcium exist, so here is a list of those:…

    Hope this helps.

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    jrpatti – thanks for the links. I love the bare feet idea, I had never heard that!

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    Great!!! Thank you so very much!!

    I have found a web to look for nutritional information (perhaps everybody knows it… but is new for me…). You can compare nutrition data of different foods, look for complementary profiles, or look for a type of food highest or lowest in minerals, proteins etc

  • Green sprouts such as broccoli, alfalfa, radish, wheat- and barely-grass has at least as much nutritional value as green veggies. They are also rich in chlorofhyll such as other greens. I think it is a great solution if you don’t have access to organic greens. Also you could try to forage for some wild edibles for examlple nettles and dandelions. Sprouts are great for essential amino acids too, wheat, mung bean and alfalfa sprouts contain all the essential amino acids the body neeeds and these are found in sprouts in a form wich is easier for the body to assimilate!

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    Thanks a lot flybaby for that clear and detailed information.

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    Important (by Victoria Boutenko) “For the sake of variety, I include several kinds of sprouts in my diet, but never more than a handful and only one or two times a week. Approximately from the third to the sixth day of their life, sprouts contain higher levels of alkaloids, as a means of protection from animals nipping them off and killing them.[3] That doesn

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    God! So, a bowl of sprouts can be dangerous? Sometimes it seems to me that there is contradictory information… and I don’t know what to do.

  • I know things can seem contradicting, but this is fact all plants will carry some type of defense mechanism as this is the way that they survive in the wild. With technology nowadays we tend to forget these instinctive things because we don’t have to forage or hunt in some case :( for our food. Just make sure you are getting a good variety of things in your diet. I think in your case where you can’t get any organic, I would shoot for locally grown or invest in container gardening. There is a book called the bountiful garden that shows you how to grow your own greens step by step in an apartment, loft, or even on a balcony. You could also supplement with BLUE GREEN ALGAE for a colon cleansing to take care of the sprayed non-organic plants your may be eating. All of these are choices which since you are on vegan site I will assume these are choices you would rather take then to just give up and eat animal protein.

    Hope this helped. ! Peace and BLessings

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    Thanks for the book information, if I don’t need a garden to grow greens it could e a great choice.

    I will look for information on that algae which I don’t know yet.

    Well, I’m just start with a transition to raw eating, and fortunately animal protein is not one of my favorite foods, so I don’t miss it very much. I have not decided yet if I will take some raw cheesse or not.

    Thanks a lot!!

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