Please help! For the last few weeks I have been having gastroesophageal reflux. I eat loads of greens, and believe my diet is pretty alkaline. Please save me from a trip to the pharmacy. Any ideas?


  • Mon46, I too, suffered from acid reflux. When I started eating raw, it went away but within a few weeks of my making the more complicated recipes with nuts it reared its ugly head. Currently I am juicefeasting (day 25) and the sponsor for the juicefeast talks about his battle with acid reflux and how he cured it by juicing. Check out the website, it’s packed with info you can read for free. Since I’ve been juicing no episodes and it feels like that whole area has healed. Best of luck to you!

  • Thanks, yammygirl. I really don’t have gourmet raw food, and my diet mainly consists of fruit, green smoothies and salads. I do eat nuts (not tons, and generally not in recipes) and seeds, though. I will definitely check out the website. I really don’t want to go the route of antacids!

  • if I eat too much or eat a lot of nuts it also happens to me. I heard a good advice is not to eat too much before going to bed.

  • I had GERD too. This is part of the reason I went raw. At first my symptoms disappeared 2 weeks in. Then I started getting the symptoms again. I isolated my foods over a period of a week to determine the trigger for my symptoms. Garlic is one, and too much pineapple was another. And like flybaby-too many nuts cause GERD symptoms for me.

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    Mon 46: Ok, I have tendency to give way too much info, but here it goes:

    Most people suffering from GERD have low stomach acid, so there’s not enough stomach acid to do the job of digesting the food. the food sits and ferments, and then the acid splashes back up into the esophagus.

    Antacids stop stomach acid production, so it might not a good long-term approach.

    The juice of half of lemon with water can help stimulate the stomach acid production. Also, apple cider vinegar can help as well. Digestive enzymes can also help with the digestive process.

    I’ve been told by a doctor a Tree of Life that turmeric and raw cacao (cacao is rich in magnesium, good for nerve function) work well. You’ll have to see if it works for you. I’ve had a good experience with most kinds of raw cacao, but if I eat a very rich raw chocolate bar made with cacao butter (i.e. the Fortina Bar), it triggers reflux for me.

    Some people pop a banana when they get reflux, and it stops reflux for them very quickly.

    Last, but not least, some naturopaths consider DGL (deglycirrhizinated licorice) a wonderful remedy for reflux.

    Never tried it, but you might want to look into HCL, or hydrochloric acid supps.

    Good luck! :)

  • achin70 (and everyone else), thank you very much. I think you are probably right about the low stomach acid. I’m going to start with your suggestion of half a lemon with water. On instinct, I tried the banana thing, but I don’t think it did the trick. If the lemon doesn’t work, I’ll try the other suggestions (leaning towards digestive enzymes) until the problem is solved.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    I thought of one more suggestion to keep in mind: Once I gave a fennel seed capsule to someone in middle of an acid reflux reaction, and she said it worked very well for her. :)

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