coconut oil- solid?

juicyjuicy Raw Newbie

so i bought coconut oil for the first time yesterday, however I noticed it is solid, not liquid like I thought. Is this the way it should be?


  • Actually coconut oil is supposed to be solid at room temperature. I usually just scoop some up with a spoon when I need to use it. It is heavenly!

  • Yeah, that stuff is awesome! At higher temperatures like when I leave it in the sun for hours, it will melt to a liquid. If I refrierate it, it gets rock hard. At room temperature, it is solid but scoopable. I LOVE to make my homemade coconut butter my blending 1 cup of shredded coconut dried with 1 cup of liquid coconut oil. Just make sure the shredded coconut is not cold at all, I did that once and blended it with the coconut oil and it froze immediatley in the blender!!

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