Want to try going completely raw...

but…I’ve been reading through this and I feel overwhelmed.

I also don’t know if I can afford all the fancy appliances.(http://www.thebestofrawfood.com/juicing-vegetab…) I have a low-end blender but how plausible is it to just constantly eat raw veggies and fruits? I mean, I am very much vegan at this point and I don’t have a problem just eating vegetables and fruits throughout the day. What are some opinions? I feel sort of discouraged at this point. I have a sort of “all/nothing” attitude and I want to buy some of these appliances but I am in college and totally broke—thanks!


  • I think there’s enough of us to form a club of broke, college, aspiring raw-foodists.

    All I own is an average blender and a spirilizer (which I haven’t even used much yet). I’d start by incorporating green smoothies into your diet. Try reading Green for Life when you have the time. Sergei & Valya’s book “Fresh” is also coming out mid-April and that’s supposed to have a lot of low-appliance recipes which I’m looking forward too.

    In my opinion juicers waste a lot of food and aren’t really necessary. Sprouts are really easy to make also. The only thing I do juice is wheatgrass and I just put it into the blender with some water, then strain it like you would nut milk.

    Don’t forget about wild greens either. You can learn to identify a few at a time and toss them into your green smoothie.

  • I agree with raw_chocoholic-you don’t need a juicer. All I have is a cheapie blender and it has not prohibited me from making some really good raw recipes. I’m working and have not yet bought the ‘fancy appliances’ yet. You can start off with the smoothies- and easy recipes. I have Ani Phyo’s cookbook-it’s really good. Don’t be discouraged – just go for it! Good Luck:)

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Somanybooks – I didn’t have any appliances and I was 80% raw for the past year. You can do it.. just start slowly. It’s easy to blend things in a blender or make some simple dishes by chopping. Try 2 new, simple recipes a week while you’re in transition – by the end of the month you’ll know 8 delicious recipes, in 6 months you’ll know 64, and so on. Look into sprouting too – it’s cheap and easy (start with lentils, and maybe grow your own sunflower sprouts) alfalfa are easier to buy.

  • Thanks for the help people! I would like to aim for 80% raw, that makes me feel comfortable. I would like to occasionally eat pizza. (Hook me up with some vegan/raw/do not want to own a dehydrator recipes by the by!) Anyway I will take all of these thoughts into consideration. Oh and sunflower sprouts are so tastttty!

  • anngoingrawanngoingraw Raw Newbie

    I have not a good blender either, mine makes like a nut flour but it is impossible to make a cream, I suppose that it will be the same when I try to make raw tahini… I have try to use the blender first and then whisk… is doesn’t work for that nut butter, but it works with sunflowers (I used them to make falafels, they are mixed with onions and peharps the water in onions help… maybe a I’ll add some water to nuts next time)

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    somanybookssolittletime, You can limit your recipe search here on Gone Raw to include only recipes that do not use a dehydrator, food processor, etc. To do this, go to the recipe page and, at the bottom, uncheck items in the Restrict List by Equipment list.

  • rawclairerawclaire Raw Newbie

    All I have is a vita-mix and a cheap dehyrator, they’re all I need!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Check out What are you eating. You’ll find that many foods we eat are appliance free or require only a low end blender. http://www.goneraw.com/forums/8/topics/4271

  • Kandace: That tip just made everything so much easier! Haha, thanks so much!

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