myrtle beach vacation.. Need help!

does anyone have any advice as to where to eat? Doesn’t necessarily need to be raw friendly but its gotta be vegan friendly!! We will prolly get a cottage so I will be able to go to the grocery store and all but it would be nice to be able to up out to eat while we are there. My husband isreally flexible about finding a place foe me to eat but we will be going with some friends who don’t eat vegan or raw or even healthy for that matter. So any ideas would be great!


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    I grew up in Myrtle Beach, but moved away 5 years ago. I try to get back once a month to see my son. I can’t think of any place to refer you to. Restaurants come and go there. There isn’t a single, natural or whole food grocery store between Windy Hill and Litchfield ( long stretch). There is a small store on Highway 501 that calls itself a health food store, but it about the size of a 4-car garage and they don’t have anything raw. I don’t even think there is a vegan place in town. If you find one, let me know and I will drag my son to it next time we eat out.

    The only place I know to buy organic foods are the small sections in Kroger, Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, etc. I usually bring my own food with me when I make a trip.

    Really, if you learn of any place let me know.

  • bummer.. oh well looks like i will be bringing goodies with me.. i am actually used to that.. my grandparents think im crazy when i show up there with a big bag and cooler of food.. they live in a really small town in NC. well worse comes to worse i can eat a salad at a restaurant.

  • i found this on apparently there are 3 in myrtle beach.. ever been to one? New Life Natural Foods

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    New Life is the little store I was telling you about. I have only been to one of their locations. They mainly have supplements and what most people would call snacks, like energy bars, trail mix, etc. They have some frozen foods, not much at all. You would find a larger selection at almost any chain grocery store. They have things like Amy’s frozen entrees but a really small selection.

  • well.. hmm. sounds like i’ll just bring stuff.. like i always do.. haha i was just telling someone how when i was at this party where they had NOTHING for me to eat..i ate olives cuz that was it.. everything was like meat wrapped in cheese on top of egg.. i actually ate a granola bar in the bathroom while i was there!! crazy, i know.. but a girl’s gotta eat!!

  • Haha! Meat wrapped in cheese on an egg…so true. I live in South Carolina, and I know how hard it is to find veg places. I tried looking some things up for you a couple days ago and again now, all to no avail. Bring fruit and good luck!

  • thanks! hey, i can get a salad at most places.. and an oil and vinegar dressing.. i like to bring with me a zip lock in my purse that has fun stuff to put on salads like dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, flax, hemp, chia, whatever.. and when i get somewhere that all i can find is iceberg lettuce, well i got my goodie bag and i just dump it on there..

  • Hey! I’m away at school in NY right now but I’e lived in Myrtle Beach for the past 6 years. Yeah, as far as good grocery stores Kroger has the best produce with the most options and the Kroger in Carolina Forest off of hwy 501 has a really great Natural Foods section and the most organic fruits and veggies out of any other store in MB. New Life Natural Foods has three locations and the one on Bypass 17 and 32nd ave is the smallest store and doesn’t have too much to offer. The one in North Myrtle Beach near Walmart is bigger and has more nuts and wheat berries, buckwheat groats, raisins, shredded coconut, etc and a juice bar. There is also a New Life next to the large Kroger off of 501 I described that’s really great. As fpr restaurants? There’s not too much to eat. I usually stop by this Thai place on Business 17 and around 9th ave north called Bangkok House. It’s really good and altough most of their food isn;t raw, they don’t serve any cheese and little dairy. They offer a good selection of tasty vegan food and they have a few raw dishes like Thai green mango salad. Other than that I’m kind of at a loss of were else to suggest. It’s difficult since MB is kind of the opposite of a health-oriented city. Good luck though!

  • well it cant be any worse than fredNECKSburg… oh i mean fredericksburg, va :) hope that wasnt offensive to anyone.. we also have spostylTUCKY.. or spotsylvania :) but hey, i do love our “big” small town.

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    They call Myrtle Beach the Red Nedk Riviera for a reason. Bangkok House has been there a long time. It was my favorite place to eat. About 13 years ago they sold it and the food changed. It was still good, but not as good.

    The health food store I mentioned was the next to the Kroger at Carolina Forest that Samara Anne mentioned. They have the largest dry/frozen organic/natural food section I know of on the Beach, but sometimes the Piggly Wiggly around the corner has more fresh organic stuff. The Kroger has about 6 – 8 feet of organic produce space,

  • i havent been to a piggly wiggly in a while.. but the last one i went into was gross.. i was a kid.. somewhere near Durham NC.. there was dead animals hanging from the ceiling.. pig.. hence the name i guess.. dunno if i can go in there if it is like that..

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    I’ve never seen any dead animals hamging up in the store but they do have a meat department like most chain grocery stores. The store I mentioned was just built and is in good shape. Piggly Wiggly is trying to revamp their image and has remodeled most of their stores. The store near my home is really nice but only has 4 feet max of the same tired organic food.

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