Is B17 + raw diet a cancer cure?

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Today I heard about B17 and this book. I quoted some reviews from the book, below.

Is B17 + raw diet a prevention/cure for cancer? Where can I read more about this?

Another site (I don’t know how legit) is:

Only several decades ago, private medical research went to distant lands to find out why certain tribes never died of cancer. These researchers found that seeds, almond, apple and others were full of a vitamin: B-17, which is totally absent in our American diet due to processing. These researchers were silenced and the major pharmaceticals, Rockefeller, et al, lead any further research, thus ending independent research as we know it.

Griffin explains that cancer is caused by fast-growing quasi-embryonic cells which are used by the body in healing. The body uses enzymes secreted by the pancreas to turn this process off when healing is completed, but these enzymes are also used in digestion, and moderners who deviate from our intended hunter-gather diet squander them breaking down processed food. In the absence of these prohibitive enzymes, the quasi-embryonic cells grow unchecked. This is cancer. To cure or prevent it, one reverts to a diet that does not drain the enzymes, and supplements their supply by ingesting an external source—B-17. Mainstream treatments are a failure because they do not address this underlying cause of cancer; Griffin explains why chemo, radiation, and surgery victims who survive do so spite of these procedures, not because of them.


  • Hi Winona. You will definitely want to watch this documentary on cancer and diet (raw especially): “Healing Cancer From Inside Out”…=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1206671674&sr=1-1

    He also has another great doc called “Eating”…=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=dvd&qid=1206671749&sr=1-1

    Both are great docs that everybody should see!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Cool! I found previews of both here:

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    I eat 10-30 apricot seeds daily for this very reason. What I have read leads me to believe it is a good move. While some claim it is a cure, I gleaned that it keeps multiplying cancer cells in check if it doesn’t cure you.

    For example, if you have cancer that is not out of control (very advanced) and remove the tumor surgically, instead of opting for chemo or radiation, many have B17 injected into the tumor site or taken interveniously. After the initial treatment, you are put on a remedial dose. You may have cancer in remission thereafter as long as you take the B17. When the patients come off the B17, most of their cancers return.

    I posted under another thread re: David Wolfe earlier tonight about how the FDA and medical establishment lie to us about natural treatments for cancer and I was thinking about Amygdalin when I wrote it. I spent many hours reseraching this topic some time ago and found conflicting FDA reports: First it is a promising cure for all cancers, then, after it can’t be patented, it will kill you if you take it.

    Laetrile, Amygdalin, and B17 are different names for the same thing. It is used as a cancer treatment in other countries and used often in Mexico. I understand there are numerous clinics along the US border that offer this treatment because the FDA has outlawed it and Americans go there for treatment. It certainly doesn’t stop all cancers, and I think once you are stage IV of any type of cancer you’re in real trouble.

    The FDA and other government agencies have attempted to arrest people for making claims about the success of Laetrile. One professional wrestler (real wrestling not TV wrestling) was either threatened with prison or went to prison for telling others about how he recovered from his cancer using apricot kernels. He started a website selling they (the government) threatened him with prison. He may have even gone to prison, I don’t really remember but I do remember an account of a doctor that did go to prison and a large volume of his patients wrote the judge and said they would die if he was sentenced. I found one site that listed the patients name, had some of their letters to the judge, and then reported their deaths after they lost their doctor to prison.

    I also read the final order in a federal case where the FDA tried to stop the sale of all seeds that contained Amygdalin as a food supplement. The judge in that case was really paying attention and he didn’t find for the government. That is the only reason I can buy them now. With the federal bench being what it is today, there would have been a different decision.

    Here is the theory I found most sources purporting: B17 has cyanide-like (or cyanide, depending on who you’re listening to) properties that release when they come in contact with Beta-Glucosidase. The cyanide substance is not released whenever Rhodanese is present in a cell. All cells, except for cancer cells, contain Rhodanese. If there is no cancer in the body there is little of the enzyme Beta-Glucosidase, but cancer cells contain large quantities of it. B17 reacts only with Beta-Glucosidase and causes the B17 to release its cyanide-like substance into the cancer cell and kills it.

    Much of the anecdotal information on Laetrile comes from the absence of cancer in the Huns or Hunzas (don’t remember exactly) who lived in the foothills of the Himilayain mountains and lived primarily on apricots.

    I didn’t spend much time investigating the information on Beta-Glucosidase or Rhodanese because I thought everything I already read was dispositive for me.

    I read the thing about cancer being pre-embryonic cells awhile back. I believe they arrived at this theory when they discovered that the cells changed in an embroy at the same time the pancreas was differentiated.

    This stuff is really fascinating to learn about.

    EDIT, June 17, 2008. In the past few days I found a couple of mainstream media sites reporting that the FDA was cracking down on internet vendors promising products that cured cancer but, according to the FDA, did not. The article talked about how cancer victims die after foregoing legitimate treatment based on these false statements offering hope. I knew before I clicked on the link that Amygdalin vendors would fill the list as they come up most frequently when you enter terms for alternative cancer options. Not one single site suggesting the use of Amygdalin was listed, despite the app. 100 or so that exist.

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    Dain5000 – Wow! Thanks for all the info. I haven’t done a lot of research on it, but I read in one book that mentioned that B17 was used to treat cancer and that it is found in apricot kernels. I have a huge family history of cancer and also have an apricot tree, so I started saving the pits and eating them, just to be on the safe side. They are really hard to crack open – harder than almonds, but they are good – like almonds that have been injected with almond extract! The only problem is that now we have a squirrel that steals the nuts from the apricots before they even get ripe. I want the apricots and the nuts, but I don’t know what to do about that pesky squirrel!

  • Wheatgrass also contains B-17! Check out Steve Myerowitz book on Wheatgrass.

  • So do you just eat the seeds whole? Or can you grind them into a powder and add them to smoothies? Can they be used like other nuts/seeds?

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    Dain – THANK YOU for the long post. I really appreciate your input, as I don’t have tons of time to research but I’ll follow up with more research now that you’ve clarifies that it seems a very legit cancer prevention idea.

    That’s cool it’s in wheatgrass – it would be lovely to grow the stuff!

    I’m guessing I can crack them open then grind them into flour with a coffee grinder. Then a suggestion was to sprinkle them on salads or drink them right away in fresh apple juice, as they are slightly bitter. Dain 5000- how do you eat the apricot seeds?

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    I just chew them up and eat them. The taste like almonds with a bitter edge. The get the highest levels of Amygdolin, you need the bitter almond seeds and not the sweet ones. You can grind them up in a coffee grinder and use the powder like a spice. I was thinking about a good smoothie combo for them but haven’t found one yet. I can tolerate them raw. I also only use the organic ones.

  • not to be a naysayer here, but apricot pits have cyanide in them. It could make you really sick to eat a lot of them. :-\ just be careful.

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