Starting MC Monday 31st, want to join?

I am going to be starting a Master Cleanse on Monday, 31st March. I have tried a couple of times to complete a MC but what with family events and other things getting in the way I have never been able to do a full one. I am going to give it a go! Anyone want to join in? We can support each other and discuss how we go :)


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    I need to do that again. I started one after Christmas and really enjoyed it for 8 days, but in the middle of it I came down with what I thought was a cold but it was a lung infection (unrelated to the MC) and had to quit. I need to do that but probably can’t start until 4.3 due to the fresh fruit/veggies in my fridge. You will have a few days on me.

  • Yes, Evil Dark Virus! I will join you! I’ve been doing primarily green smoothies and fresh juices since being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis a couple of weeks ago. Someone else on the forum just recommended that I do the master cleanse. I always dismissed it as a fad diet and as not healthy, but I just spent an hour online and decided that it isn’t what I thought it is – you do still get nutrtion and it’s not just a way to starve yourself. I just ordered a book on it and decided to start on Monday, then came on here to see if anyone had written anything about it – and I found your message. Perfect! Are you going to be working normally during it? I work at a law firm, so I’ll just be dashing across the office to the restroom even more than normal, I suppose. I also hope to have energy to keep doing bikram yoga throughout.

  • Is there an effective raw alternative to the maple syrup? Or do a lot of raw foodies find the maple to be acceptable for this purpose?

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    I believe maple syrup is cooked, but lots of raw foodies use it. You may be able to find it raw. I understtod it was added for it’s mineral/electrolyte properties. I think you can get raw sorghum.

  • woohoo, other people :D great to see people wish to join in – I find support is helpful during such things, good to ensure we don’t give up! I believe maple syrup is used because of it’s high vitamin/mineral volume in it. I am unsure of raw-alternatives due to this reason but I expect a good raw honey might be able to be used – if you think honey is acceptable. It is important to ensure your body is getting the nutrients it needs even though you are ‘fasting’.

  • You ready, girl? ;) I had a bunch of leftover celery, cucumber, and apples, so I have two liters of juice made from those three ingredients, plus 6 cups of the lemonade mixture for tomorrow. It made more sense to segue into the lemonade that way rather than waste that produce. For the lemonade, I got organic meyer lemons for the lemonade, so I’m guessing it’s as tasty as I can get it to be. I also am going to drink the laxative tea tonight and hope nothing horrifying happens in front of my boyfriend. when i told him about the cleanse, he looked kind of worried and made me promise that i’m still going to make him his green smoothie every day. lol i promised to try. Good luck! Please check in tomorrow and let me know how you are feeling.

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    Now that I have read here I can freeze my greens and fruits for later use in smoothies (I used to only think it was okay to freeze bananas) I am on for today. I am going to start out doing only water for a few days and see how I feel.

    It is really nice to have someone to check in with. It’s a lifeline. :)

  • Great, Dain! I read some stuff this morning that freaked me out a bit. People said the detox can cause cold sores. I’ve only had one cold sore in my life and really really do not want another one. Do you know anything about this? I’m suddenly feeling a little scared about what I’m going to put my body through.

  • Hey guys, hope things are going well. Remember that the first 2-3 days are the hardest and then you will start to feel much better! I did the MC for 10 days a few months ago and it was wonderful. Now I want to go for longer. I ordered a massive amount of syrup and lemons online (cheaper that way) and as soon as they arrive, I will start. Please write in and tell how you are doing.

    Oh, are here are some helpful hints: - Warm up the salt water flush, I think it tastes better that way - Lay on your right side after the flush to help the flow - If you make a large batch, leave out the pepper and add it later to each glass, otherwise the pepper will get hotter over time!

  • Thanks for the tips, Kristy! Day 3 is feeling ok so far – last night I was craving kale so badly that I vowed to get a kale salad for lunch today, but now I’m feeling a little stronger. I have not been doing the salt water flush because I just can’t risk an accident at work and I’m afraid it might aggravate my already active (bleeding) colitis. In fact, I’ve gotten a little more worried that the Cleanse might not be good for me to be doing while i have active disease symptoms (Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease, and I’m experiencing a lot of bleeding and other symptoms right now). I’m thinking of just doing the fast til Friday, dependign on how I feel, and then finishing out the ten days at all raw and mostly fresh vegetable juices. Other symptoms so far are minor. My mouth tastes weird so I’m brushing my teeth constantly. I’ve been doing my 90 minute bikram yoga class every evening and doing really fine in it. and I was able to just sip my water last night while my boyfriend drank our favorite wine!

  • I have the worst headache!! Where are my other master cleansers? I need support!

  • Ok – I just went from headache to nausea, and I threw up in my office. I can’t work like this – am probably going to go get a salad. this might just be too much for my system with the ulcerative colitis.

  • I’m so sorry that you are having a hard time with the cleanse. I would like to think that these are just detox signs and that it is helping your body in the long run. That being said, I don’t think I would have the strength to continue with the cleanse in your condition! Just eat as much raw food as possible from now on. Eating raw also detoxifies your body (though more slowly) because the digestive system isn’t working as hard. Hope you feel better!

    Where did everyone else go?

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