I am a premenopausal woman in her late twenties and I am very wary of Soy and its side effects after a three year soytarian diet when I first called myself vegan and of course we all probably have kind of learned about the potentially harmful effects of soy with its estrogenic properties… I have also learned that flax has the same estrogen or phytoestrogen properties event though it also has alot of helpful Omega 3’s (ALA and lignans etc)... I see alot of awesome recipes for crackers and breads etc but they all use flax can I just use chia or psyllium or something for the same effect.. and would it be the same measurements I see like 3 cups of flax seeds for some recipes and I have learned that that is not necessarily a good thing especially for reproductive women…

Link has a little info..

Is anyone else a little wary of too much flaxseed?


  • Oh boy, I am so confused about this. I have eliminated soy for quite a while after developing a fibroadenoma, but had read that flax was good for breast health! Can you refer me to any articles that indicate flax is contraindicated for this? Thanks.

  • This is one of many websites that touted flax seeds for breast health:/

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    HI Rawafromama, Use sunflower seeds! I have, with fabulous results (as I haven’t gotten used to the taste of flax yet)

  • Isnt that crazy I have a fibroid adenoma it is suspected from too much soy gettin a sono next week… I came across an article last week i will look again for you Mon46

  • I always thought that the phytoestrogen contained in the flax seed binds to the estrogen receptor, but does not stimulate it. The flax seed phytoestrogen competes with other estrogens that would otherwise stimulate the estrogen receptor. I have got to a little bit more reading on this but I am sure it will be hard to find info on this due to cost to test something like this as with most things that we come up with on this site.

  • whoa Mon46 is that a black lion in your picture??!!

  • Mon46… consider these links maybe…

    and this one kinda promotes flax I am a little confused myself


  • the first three kinda of say what your saying adresmond but they still imply that it is not completely positive and similar to soy, no?

  • rawafromama, thank you very, very much. I will absolutely check out these links. And good luck on your sono. I had to go through the whole breast biopsy thing which was thankfully negative. Weird thing for me is that it didn’t show up on mammo, sono or MRI! Ardesmond2, I had read what you did re: flax, hence my ongoing confusion. I feel a little frustrated. Rawclaire, that’s a black panther. We have a kitty that looks just like him!

  • Yeah lets all keep each other updated if you come up with anything promising, I have a daughter and a wife that I feed and I especially do not want to ingest any phytoestrogen, as this is why I left soy alone. Somewhere deep down inside though I think I knew soy was never good for the body. Not really getting the same feeling from flax seed but will look into this matter more.

  • thanks mon46… I think its a hematoma from some elbowing from my bambino but we shall see… eek not looking forward glad everything worked out for you!! To your health!!! will do adresmond.. be well you and yours

  • To your health as well, rawafromama. Ardesmond2,good for you for keeping on top of all this for your family. Yes, let’s keep each other updated on this.

  • what about chia seeds guys? i dont like the taste of flax either and suspect it upsets my system some too, so i steer clear of the stuff use it sparingly in my later recipes and am experimenting with chia…any one know anything negative about those?

  • I am not sure about helping with the estrogen stuff but hemp seeds I believe are also good for the omega-3’s. So might be a good alternative. Not to mention they have TONS of other things that are great for you. They are high in protein and are very mineral dense (the mineral list for these things is very long!).

    I have made crackers with them before and they were OK but they do give a very nutty flavor to the cracker.

    I am not a fan of flax seeds either – my bf eats tons because he says they help his MS symptoms.

  • queenfluff, I eat hemp seeds as well, but wonder if they are similar to flax in terms of estrogenic properties. I’ve read the links that rawfromamma posted as well as some others, and it appears that flax does prevent the “bad” estrogen from binding to receptor sites. Still, I’m not 100% convinced. Guess I’ll have to research hemp. I doubt there’s too much out there about it, as it’s only now becoming more “popular” with the general public.

  • O.K. Did a quick search and found no studies about hemp and breast health. One page did say it has been helpful in healing breast and other cancers, but there was no research to back it up. So…any scientists out there?

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