Eating Attentively prevents Compulsive Eating

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Or so claims this article…

It’s worth a try!


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    This practice is usually referred to as mindful eating. Thich Nhat Hanh lectures on it often. He proposes that with mindful eating you are noy only “in the moment” but you will also eat less so you ca afford to buy healthier foods like organics. He also talks about the better quality of meat from animals that are humanely raised because they aren’t full of cortisol.

  • Being Raw is a natural way to eat mindfully without doing any specific practice…you have to put so much conscious effort into what you eat/don’t eat to be truly raw. I have made huge strides in overcoming my compulsive eating since I began meditating/doing yoga/eating whole foods. The more I meditate, do yoga, and the more raw foods I eat, the less desire I feel to be compulsive about food. Also, I notice what I eat strongly impacts my mind and meditation practice. All these things create this natural postive feedback loop to keep my inner food addict in check without any real willpower involved.

  • What a great site! I just read 6 articles in a row and have put in my favorites.

    Thank you!!!

  • holy moly…. did you read the other article on the fruitarian mice that bit each other’s heads off? under “Fruit- Friend or Foe?” ... this guys experience is amazing…

    did you read the article italiana? i dont think thats what it was about, he makes some very good points its a good read

  • I didn’t see the article italiana? Is it under a different name or am I blind?

  • its under the very first post by winona

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