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Hungry and full at the same time?


Any other raw foodists out there feel hunger pangs at the exact moment they are feeling FULL?

Just wondering! :-)


  • yes! all the time, it’s weird…but I also think part of it is due to where I am and me not being happy here. Can’t wait till I’m home again!

  • I get that sometimes…I wonder if it is because raw has so much fibre. So, your tummy feels full because you have eaten a lot of fibre, but you haven’t eaten enough calories yet so you still feel hungry.

    Not sure if I have expressed that very well


  • me too! i’ve been having issues with that lately! sometimes i eat two giant salads and stuffed but still feel like i’m missing something , sorta like how it was on cooked food but not exactly the same… some nutrient i guess? boredom?

  • I have had the same experience you are describing. My resolution to the problem was that I was not ingesting enough healthy fat. Try eating a handful of germinated almonds or a 1/2 cup of sunflower seeds as an experiment to see if that resolves your problem. That was my wonder fix. :) Good luck.

  • increase the consumption of your grain/bean sprouts and see if it helps.

  • i think seize may be right about the healthy fat thing.. i get this feeling too.. but for me it isnt necessarily a raw thing.. i would get this feeling after eating a huge veggie burger, salad and french fries at a restaurant.. it normally only happens to me after i eat A LOT… not after normal sized meals..

  • I get that feeling all the time too. But more than a handful of nuts or seeds a day makes me feel…. gross. I find that grazing helps a little and avocados or olive oil help too. If I don’t have them at least once a day I find myself eating a ton of nuts, which as I said, make me feel awful.

    I have no real answers ;o) I’ve been raw almost a year and I think I have more questions now than ever! But I’ll never be anything but raw.

  • I have this feeling at meals. Is it our body saying—hey, eat something more?

  • i second and third the fat, avo, nut butter or seeds..lately ive dumped fruit in the morning still waiting on my citation from the raw police! grin, but fruit made me feel this way and cranky on top of it..so its salad, left overs, or big green smoothie with fat like avos or hemp..today i was on the run but not hungry..i knew i would be pushing it to my next meal( out riding an icelandic horse in “beautiful”? norco…yeesh)so i ate two big teaspoonfuls of hemp seeds on my way out the door…it did beautifully for me…not my norm but i was impressed none the less.

  • For me, the response has been, for the most part, the opposite. I used to have horrible food cravings, especially for wheat which I’m allergic to, and for the first time in years I don’t feel hungry all the time. But I do know what you’re talking about, that weird full-but-not-full thing after meals. I think the idea about not enough healthy fats sounds good; so much of what I’ve been eating since going 100% raw is much, much lower in fat than what I used to eat. So I grab a handful of nuts or throw some sunflower seeds on my salad, and that really helps me feel truly full. I also eat avacados like a crazy person. If you incorporate more fats and still have that feeling, maybe your body is telling you that some vitamins/minerals/nutrients are missing. I just got done reading 12 Steps to Raw Foods by Victoria Boutenko, and although the writing style is a bit difficult to treck through, she makes a really great point about listening to your body, and listen if it is trying to tell you it’s craving something. For example, the other day I was craving berries like mad. I hadn’t had berries in a long time—I tend not to buy them because they’re expensive and I’m broke—but I ate some strawberries and felt so much better. So maybe try more healthy fats, or try adding some variation to your diet by eating fruits or vegetables you haven’t eaten in while or have never tried.

  • KhaasLadkiKhaasLadki Raw Newbie

    Whoa – I googled this topic because it’s been happening to me and saw this forum. How weird – I just signed up here! I have noticed since I’ve been eating almost raw/mostly just veggies I will be full but still feel a hunger pang after I eat (like right now – I had a veggies in a pita with some hummus and a nectarine for lunch, and I’m really full but I can feel this weird feeling…). Do you think it’s that there’s not enough calories in the meal? I know my meal only had like 250 calories in it – but I eat 6 times a day instead of 3 big meals so I can get enough. I eat alot of nuts, but I haven’t thought about trying to eat some with my lunch when I still feel hungry. My thing is that I HATE feeling stuffed, and I always feel satisfied after a meal and I don’t want to eat any more even though I feel those pangs. Maybe I’ll just try some nuts or avocados in my pita and see if that works.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Green smoothies helped me. I have one every morning. Otherwise, I get hungry in the evening and NOTHING will fill me up – I just get ravenous. Also, I have to eat every 3 hours, or else I get so hungry in the evening that nothing can satisfy me. This is my first 5 weeks 99% raw, so that could have something to do with it.

    But even on days when I do things right – I get that feeling sometimes after a salad or fruit.

  • yeah this happens to me especially after eating a salad. If I stay sitting down watching tv I think I don’t feel full…but then I get up and it usually goes away. If I stand up/walk around I feel how full I actually am, It’s wierd.

  • This feeling can be due to over growth of Candida. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Candida_%28genus%29 Also I truly believe that this can also be in response to our programming for SAD. I have been vegan for over 16 years yet I still think that the variety of starches, sugars and protein consumed on the SAD has truly messed up our psyche. Time.

  • wow I can’t believe I just found this topic. really just yesterday I was thinking I feel full, but hungry. weird!!!

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    For me, it is different, but it is always something I am missing – vitamins/minerals, fat, enzymes, etc. or water – sometimes I think the fiber needs more water to go with it than when I was used to eating more processed stuff with not so much fiber. Usually now I have a glass of water a little before I eat, and then it is easier for me to see if I need more avocado, nuts, greens, veggies, calories, enzymes (sprouts!), etc.

  • i have been putting flax seed in my morning shakes and it actually helps control hung and any associated feelings.Seems like fiber & fat may be the key…

  • I researched a little more on this topic and come to find out Leaky Gut Syndrome is often times the culprit with not feeling full. The advice to correct it? Lots of greens – different greens, weeds and so forth and taking an acidophilus supplement daily. If the bottle says take it twice a day, take it 3 times a day. Over time (and it does take a great deal of time) the full, yet emptiness feeling should go away.

    This is only what I’ve read (though I do take that supplement 3 times daily and load my smoothies with greens/cucumbers).

  • My boyfriend gets that. He’s not raw in any way, although he does eat more fruit and veggies than most other omnivores. He has a ridiculously high metabolism, so he’ll eat upwards of 1500 calories at a time and only then does he feel full without feeling hunger at the same time. Usually if he has less than 500 at a time, he says “That only made me hungrier.” So maybe if you’re feeling this sensation, you should try to squeeze in more calories with less bulk. The stomach will feel full after eating about a cupful of food, but that cupful could be just spinach (less than 10 calories a cup) or avocado (like, 400ish if you mash it up into a cupful). If you eat more calories all at once, it might get rid of that.

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