Low thyroid, dhea & testosterone

Hi! I’ve had a lot of health problems all my life and have been on armour thyroid for years. I take the highest dose made because my thyroid is so sluggish. Still I’m always tired with muscle pain and don’t get much done. I’ve also tested low on testosterone and dhea for years but supplementation didn’t do much. I so need to get better because I’m really not being the mother I need to be. Does anyone have any idea how to help hormonal imbalance? Could raw be the answer and if so any particular foods that would help? Thanks, Mara


  • there is something called DIM which helps to balance the hormones by pulling excessive estrogen out of the body. it is brocolli extract so perhaps LOADS (and I mean a lot) would be helpful. don’t know how you feel about bee products but royal jelly also is helpful in balancing the hormones. b vitamins, evening primrose oil, fish oil (don’t know how you feel about that), calcium, vit. e, vitex, dong quai, licorice, fennel, black cohosh are all good. you could eat more seaweed for iodine to help your thyroid or take bladderwrack or kelp pills. you might want to work with a naturopath though or even an acupuncturist who could better help guide you. best of luck!


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