Really Need Help with Nut Butters Again

I need some help with making soaked dehydrated almond butter. God there’s so many amazing recipes out there with almond butter in them, I just have to get it! And my mother won’t let me buy the nut butter already made because she thinks they don’t soak the nuts enough. She can tell because they don’t seem digestibleto her. Now I can eat some dehydrated food, so I am anxious to make a nut butter as soon as possible. I have soaked and dehydrated nuts, but no food processor, only a vita-mix. But when I blend it, my mother said I have to do quick, short pulses, because she’s worried that the blender will overheat and the toxic chemicals of the vita- mix leech into the nuts. Can somebody tell me how to make a soaked and dehydrated almond butter with a VITA-MIX?? Help!!!!! Thanks!


  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    As powerful as a Vita Mix is, short pulses are fine. It takes a few minutes of constant running to bring up the heat.

  • My husband has made regular peanut butter (he’s not into my raw almond butter) with our vitamix; it was pretty thick, but he didn’t have any problems with it overheating at all. He said he just used short pulses til it was whipped enough. I think the only way to get really creamy nut butter is with a machine like the Champion juicer with a blank plate.

  • how long do u dehydrated the nuts for thanks

  • ambiguousambiguous Raw Newbie

    You need to dehydrate the almonds until they're totally dry and crispy. This will vary greatly depending on your ambient humidity, but I'd say about two days. I've had success making almond butter in my Vitamix, but it takes perseverance, and I do stop about half way through and put the carafe in the fridge to let it cool down. I usually start one day, let the half-done butter rest in the fridge overnight, then finish the next morning.

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