Juicing Question

Hello, I’ve been working on going raw for awhile now but one thing I really want to be able to do is make myself a blended juice in the morning and take it with me to drink through the day at work to keep me going.

The only thing is they always say you should drink it right when you make it because it looses all of it’s “energy” and health and goodness, like leaving an apple sit cut on a table, it turns brown.

Can anyone suggest an idea on how I can preserve he juice better? Has there been a bottle developed for such a thing? I want to do this but I certainly don’t want to eat fruits/veggies that go bad like a brown apple.



  • Adding lemon juice can help a little. I used to add a very small amount (like a 1/4 teaspoon or less) of hydrogen peroxide, but please make sure you use FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide for consumption, never the 3% stuff you buy in the drug store. I don’t really know all the ramifications of using hydrogen peroxide. This was something someone I trusted to know about such things recommended to me 25 years ago. You might want to do some further research on the subject and maybe just try the lemon juice for now.

  • Thanks for the idea I will definitely look into it. I’ve never heard of it. Yeah its kind of sad, one of us has to come up with a bottle that will help keep things super fresh.

  • Thanks for the lemon juice tip LimLady I’ve heard things like that before but not I’m intised to look it up. =]

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