ammonia smell?

hey everyone! random question – tomorrow marks my 7th day of almost completely raw, and I’ve been feeling ok – not really many detox symptoms (I ate pretty healthy to begin with). Tonight in the shower after I walked about6 miles at the gym, I smelled what seemed like ammonia! The shower was pretty hot (my apartment is cold), and I’m not even sure if it was coming from me, in my nose, or the water? It’s definitely never happened to me before…what is this!?


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    Hi Liz,

    You definitely could be detoxing ammonia!! :-)

    When I was detoxing (several times) over the years I have smelled, weird smells. Once it was the dead of winter, I was in bed in the middle of the night, with no windows open anywhere and no cooked food anywhere nearby and smelled an overwhelming aroma of BBQ!!! I actually got up and looked all over the house to see where the smell was coming from. It was apparently coming from me!! I’m from Texas and used to eat A LOT of BBQ! :-)



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    Workout clothes smell like ammonia too? This can be common after a hard workout as you deplete your glycogen stores. If you are in a protein burning state, your sweat will smell like ammonia. So up the fruits and veggies…especially before the workout and add your plant proteins after.

  • okay thanks guys…I was just curious – makes sense about detoxing bc I have had no other detox issues, and it’s been a full week! Or maybe I’m so used to feeling like crap I didn’t really notice, haha. Walking 6 miles isn’t usually a hard workout for me (I used to be a middle distance runner until I moved to altitude and had issues breathing), but I could see how I would be burning protein…I’ve essentially cut out all forms of grain and only been eating fruits/veggies with a small amount of nuts/oils. And I lost 3 pounds this week so that could be it too…hope I didn’t lose muscle!!

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    you might also consider that as you detox your sense of smell gets more acute.

  • this is so weird.. this exact thing happened to me for a while randomly when i would get sweaty. If it was detox, that’s kind of cool. I had no idea what would make me stink like that. I’ve been raw for allllllmost a year now and the smells when i exercise are only a little amonia-y now.

    Are there any other reasons someone would smell like amonia?

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    I had that problem when I experimented with the Paleo diet many years ago. It was so awwwwful! My sweat WAS ammonia. I could clear the gym! But, really. I ate sooo much protein. I haven’t had any of that since going raw, but I suppose you could if you ate a lot of nuts and not much fruit.

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    I had that the other week. I thought it is either detox due to the ammount of swiss chard I was eating, or ketosis. So I upped the carbs and now I never miss fruit.

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