Kiwi love affair


Sometimes I get fixated on a particular raw food. Lately it’s been KIWI. I can’t seem to GET ENOUGH KIWI!!

Anyone know some interesting nutritional facts about it? Like why I seem to be scarfing down so many of them? I wonder if they have something that my body needs right now.

Kiwi fans??! :-)


  • i love kiwi too! i like to devour them whole, skin and everything! (except the thick part at the ends). if i eat too much the acid burns my lips though :(. i suppose its good because I wouldn’t stop otherwise lol


    “According to recent studies, kiwifruit is the most nutrient dense of all the major fruits:

  • It’s not fair. I seem to be allergic to kiwi. It makes my throat feel raw and my tongue tingle. Could it be that it has to be very ripe before you can eat it, like a persimmon?

  • yeah i feel ya raw_chocoholic!! i read somewhere that if you have a latex allery, you tend to have a kiwi allery. do you have a latex allergy? i do.. for me it feels like i have a thousand splinters all over my face around my mouth.. even if the fruit never touches my lips or face.. it used to not be that way. but i can eat them now as long as i make sure the skin is gone and i rinse it with water.. even then, sometimes it doesnt work out.. and its sad! cuz i LOVE them!! and they are soooo beautiful!

  • I love kiwis but lately can’t seem to stomach even the sight of them, which is strange. I can’t stop eating papaya though. Every day my lunch is 1/2 a large papaya with lime juice. Somedays I add lettuce to it, some days strawberries … who knows what today will bring! Sorry for the tangent …

  • kiwis are also blood thinners, so be sure not to eat any before surgery:…,b1kJpvRw

  • I’m a new fan of kiwi – and apparently so is my 4 year old daughter – she keeps stealing them. :) Oh, and she calls them “kiweeds” LOL!

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