Seborrheic Dermatitis of the scalp

Ok, I have to ask for some help if there is any out there :(

A couple of years ago I began to suffer with dandruff which has become increasingly worse. After doing research I think it may be Seb Dermatitis as nothing to treat normal dandruff works. My doctor just suggested trying yet more over the counter medicated shampoos even though I said they haven’t had any effect. In fact some seem to have irritated the condition more.

The situation has really got me down and knocked my confidence a great deal :( I’d love it if raw eventually solved the problem but I don’t know if that will happen plus I’m not 100% raw… but I wonder if there is any other natural treatment out there that would have an effect. Any advice would be much appreciated :(


  • Hi eshne-I’ve had problems with my scalp for years, after doing much research with natural oil which are suppose to be good for the scalp, I ran across this shampoo(J/A/S/O/N natural cosmetics dandruff relief-all natural hair and scalp therapy system). It has all the essential oils I had previously read about-MSM, Neem oil, Tea Tree oil, rosemary and collodial sulfur. You should notice a difference after the 1st week. I found this at my natural health food store, runs about 12 bucks but you don’t need alot to wash the hair. My son and I have both been using it and the dandruff and dry itchy scalp is gone. I’m told it works on all types of hair. Good luck

  • Hi 3relefords :) I think they sell that brand in my local health food store! I’ll definitely try that out, in fact I’ll go get some tomorrow. I’m glad you’ve found it works well for you and your son – hope i have the same result. Thank you so much for your advice :D

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