This may sound dumb, but can I find raw cheese?


  • You mean dairy cheese? If so, then yeah, you can get raw dairy cheese..I couldn’t tell you where to get it but I had some before. I got it from my local dairy when I used to live in Southern was actually (tastewise, anyway) better than regular cheese.

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    earthlyair: Whole Foods or your local co-op/organic grocer might have it. :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    It is so easy to make yourself. When I first went raw I was so intimidated by complex recipes that required fermenting and something obscure called Rejuvalac. But after experimenting I found out that it can actually be very simpleand you can make really authentic cheese without any faff at all. Here’s the recipe that I use all the time, and sell a lot of as well. It is the best seller of all the raw food I make. You can add more water for a cheezy sauce, or you can roll into balls and dehydrate for warm cheese balls that you can use in a salad like feta cheese. Here it is:…

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I made this recipe this morning. Instead of onions and dried herbs, I just used spring onions. It came out great! I’m going to have it on crackers or raw onion bread with avocado.…

    It’s a rather heavy cheese- id eat it w/ sliced veggies instead of crackers.

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