Few questions.....

Hello everybody.I discovered your site last night,and really loved the things i read here and some other raw-food-diet websites.So i decide to give it a try!!!:)But I have a few questions if you guys could help me with it i would appreciate it a lot.

Raw…well i understand i can eat as much raw veg and fruits,but does it mean i can continue eating raw fish?Japanese sashimi….i heard Madonna does the raw-food-diet and it also including the raw fish!!

Can i continue drinking tea?I am a green-tea-lover-as-much-as-hater-of-the-black-one:)Or maybe i can have some herbal ones?

Just few weeks ago i found out the milk is not suitable for my stomach(fresh only),but i love the yogurt and it is contains a lot of lacto bacterios,which are really good for digestion and the immune system,isn’t it?So i wonder if i can have plain yogurts(when i am in my home town sometimes my mom making it at home,so 100% organic,well we don’t have the cow,but still)or is almond or soy milk yogurts are as good as milk ones and suitable for the raw diet

I read a lot about lack of Vitamin B12 and iron in this diet.Should i buy any Vitamins if I will go raw?Or it is not neccesary?

And the last for now what about all this Bio-Active-Supliments and essential oils??Me and my mom using one company for few years and quite satisfy with the products they do(it is a swiss company and looks really healthy)

And i can keep eating muesli and honey ,right?:)

Thank you all for your responds:)


  • amysueamysue Raw Newbie

    Hey Larsik!

    You will find out what’s ultimately the best thing for you. This site is focused on a raw vegan lifestyle which means anything from an animal is generally not included except for the occasional honey. You’ll find that in most “raw food” books it’s the same story. But, we’re all individuals and your experiences and the information you come across will lead you in the right direction. I’ll eat sushi once in a blue moon, not for health benefits but because it’s a food I like. You’ll come across many discussions on this site about how raw people are and hopefully no one will shun you for your choices. I wouldn’t worry about any raw rules at this point unless that becomes important for you. I don’t think any type of tea would be considered raw except sun tea, but that’s again that’s your choice. I drink medicinal tea that I brew for hours because the benefits of the tea outweigh the raw-ness. If you’re concerned about acidophilus and other good bacteria you don’t have to eat yogurt to get it, you can get it live in a supplement and in some fermented foods. There are some discussions on this site about B12 and after reading some links I chose to take a supplement. Other than that you should be good for vitamins if you’re eating lots of greens and colorful fruits and veggies. I can’t help you with the Bio-Active-Suppliments, would need more info, essential oils are generally used externally so I don’t know why they would be a problem.

    As far as meusli goes – the oats are debatable – I have ordered cold pressed “raw” rolled oats (as opposed to steam pressed) online but you have to soak them, and many people on this site use soaked oat groats but I’ve seen discussions about whether they’re raw or not. You can buy raw honey which is amazing, not technically vegan, but raw.

    There’s so much information out there, if nothing else, you won’t be bored!

  • bluebellsbluebells Raw Newbie

    Hello Larsik, Welcome and I wish you a healthy life. I still drink tea. I found going 100% raw was too hard for me. Also, when on a fixed income and only one of us wants to go raw it can be expensive. We compromised and we both eat 50% raw at the moment. Just do what you want to do. There are no rules and regulations about what food you must eat. If you want to drink green tea. Go ahead and drink it. It is very good for you. I would try soya yoghurts as cows are injected with antibiotics …and hormones to increase production of baby cows etc., All these things go into your system from the cows milk and leaves you open to antibiotic resistant strains of bugs and an increase of female hormones in your body. What you will find is, that, as time goes on, your palette will change your eating habits for you. Try this. Go make yourself a nice refreshing carrot and apple juice and afterwards, drink a cup of tea. Which taste would you prefer on your taste buds? After a while you will find that you no longer desire to eat or drink the things that you love now. Let your body tell you what to do. It is not up to anyone out here to tell you what you to do. It is only food after all. Aim for a few small changes in your new eating habits…salads, juices, A GREEN SMOOTHIE IS A DELICIOUS MUST, add a banana and it will neutralise the taste of raw cabbage. Try this for a while and then when you are ready, introduce other things. It is not wrong if you decide to continue with green tea or yoghurts. God bless you and your family

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