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Is there anywhere on this site or elsewhere that can give me some help with menu planning. I have 3 kids and 1 husband. I want to eat above 50% raw but 5 pm on a Tuesday is not the time to start with the raw recipes. Any suggestions? I am not used to planning my meals days in advance. Thanks


  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    Perhaps start with recipes that are in the quick and easy categories. I’m not a big fan of overly complicated meals and, honestly, I’ve never been really good at planning out meals. As I’ve worked more and more raw recipes into my diet, I found that I’d keep ingredients on hand for favorites, just like before eating raw. Some of my favorite quicker recipes are hummus (for impromptu mezza platters), pad thai and nori rolls.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    On our forum here, we have grocery list ideas:

    And check out what we eat every day here:

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    tummybetter, are you my identical twin or something?! I have the same problem, only with 2 kids, and never ever caught on to meal planning in advance also :)

    There are a few books that give you weekly menus to follow, but I am finding that it is a little easier to just say:

    BREAKFAST: Fruit or green smoothie with fruit later in the morning.

    LUNCH: A staple, like unchicken salad, eggless eggsalad, or raw hummus that can be grabbed for lunch on either a salad, on flax crackers or scooped up on veggies. Also raw soups, or a quick side salad (not just a salad, something like that awesome broccoli salad or jicama fries) recipe from

    DINNER: HUGE salads (making them different each night) plus every other day make a new raw food dish that can go along side those salads. OR make spaghetti from zucchinis using a spirooli, saladaco, or just a plain potato peeler and top with fresh marinara sauce or raw dressing (our daughter loves it with a ginger, mandarin orange dressing on it).

    DESSERT: Something fun like vice cream (non-dairy ice cream) for a snack, or try out dehydrated cookies or raw pies. Or fresh salsa with flax seed crackers, or more fruit or a handful of nuts or seeds that have been soaked overnight and rinsed super dooper well. Most people rotate the same meals every week or every other week when eating the SAD diet, so the trick is to find about 10 recipes that you love and start out by rotating them, like the pad thai and nori rolls as kandace said, or spaghetti, salads, pizza, shredded salads, raw soups, etc.

    Thanks for the ideas on the site, didn’t ever notice grocery list ideas!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    Here’s my grocery list, with it (and staples like olive oil, namashoyu(not raw), herbs, dates) you can make the following recipes found at goneraw: tomato dressing, grawnola, hummus, oatmeal, walnut brownies, basic brown bread, onion bread, ants on a log, imitation tuna, tzatziki sauce.

    FRUIT/VEG bananas coconuts avocado 3 cucumbers (dill dressing) lemon portobello mushroom (for dehydrtd avocado sandwich) 1 whole LARGE seeded watermelon 1 tomato celery parsnips

    GREENS boston lettuce 2 parsley 2 cilantro dill smoothie greens

    NUTS and BULK shelled almonds (nut milk) shelled walnuts (brownies) almond butter peanut butter buckwheat cashews sunflower seeds black sesame seeds

    OTHER 1 clove garlic very sweet onions

    BULK: agave (for nut mylk) honey unhulled sesame seeds red lentils tahini (for almond hummus) oat groats (for oatmeal)

  • There are so many great menu ideas listed on this site. I am soo greatful for finding this site =]

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