does your dehydrator ever sit still?

Hi all

I stumbled on this forum somehow; I’ve tried a few recipes and so far, so good. I don’t intend to go totally or even mostly raw but am interested in eating more raw food.

I notice that many of the recipes say “dehydrate for 12 hours” and “then turn over and go for another 12 hours”. That is a lot of meal planning. Do you guys have several dehydrators going all the time?

Thanks Lori


  • pretty much especially me because I have a small round dehydrator that doesn’t hold that much. I need to buy more trays so that I can make it a one day thing.

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    I dehydrate things for 24 hours, once a week. That’s it. I can prep crackers and crusts for the week all at once (I have a 9 tray excalibur)

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i rarely make dehydrated food, but when i do i make patties, which only require about 4 hrs (if that) cuz i like them sort of “rare” inside.

    you get into a groove with it and like winona said, you get a better grasp on how to plan meals ahead of time. it ends up being less work because things are pretty much ready to go once you sit down to eat (no cooking time)

  • ahhh nice new pic pianissima but did you say (no cooking time) “grin” you could get banned for that.

  • Thanks, I guess doing it all at once would make it seem easier.

  • Hi, I am in my second week raw and having fun trying different receipes. I borrowed a round dehydrator but many of the receipes call for using the texflex sheets. Are there any alternatives for the round trays? Thank you!

  • Use parchment paper. I think it works way better than the solid sheets.

  • Thank you Renoir, I will definitely try that.

  • i barely ever dehydrate, (i have a 9 tray excalibur) but when i do, i try to make a big bath, and do a few things at once (like on the weekend) so i have lots of food to eat for awhile.

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