Hello again… another problem, my poor husband is suffering with a constant ringing in his ear and feeling like it is also plugged up. Any suggestions? When he went to the doctor recently he was told he is losing his hearing but was given no solution for this. If anyone has any helpful advice I would greatly appreciate it. THANKS, Sharon


  • i get ringing in my ears from cell phones.

    i was told proper ear candling could help with problems like your husband’s…

  • Thank you for the advice on the ear candles. We’ll give that a try again, we did it once but that was about 5 years ago.Thank you!!

  • I have exactly what your husband does and I developed it before I ever touched a cellphone.

    I have hearing loss in both ears and tinnitus in my left ear. Thankfully, mine is a pretty low ring (it sounds more like a buzz) so I have just gotten used it. But let me let you, I hated it so much when it first started. I still consider myself lucky that it isn’t very bad – it can be alot worse in some people.

    I would be careful with the ear candles. I don’t believe they work but if you give it try, just be careful with the wax.

    There is no cure for tinnitus. However, I do have a book called “Stop Your Tinnitus” and it goes over the various things that can cause it. My doctor told me the same thing that your husband’s did -that was part of my hearing loss. I don’t believe it. If that was true, why don’t I have it in both ears since I have hearing loss in both ears?

    The “plugged up” feeling is part of hearing loss. I wondered the same thing – “do I have something stuck in my ears?” Nope, it was totally clear. I now wear hearing aids.

    Anyhow, in the book, it goes through different causes of tinnitus – like pollution etc. One is toxins – the author of the book actually got rid of hers by fasting. One theory is that it is caused by mercury toxicity which if you have old filling isn’t too hard to believe.

    I did a juice fast about a year ago for 7 days and I swear my tinnitus got better (and so did my hearing a bit) but I don’t believe I clean my body out enough to really improve anything.

    I plan on doing a mercury detox bath one day to see if anything improves. For the most part, I just deal with it for now. I have had it for about 4 years. Some days are better than others – some days I hardly hear it at all and it seems to be gone and some days it is pretty loud – stress seems to make it louder.

    You can get the book pretty cheap on some raw site. I got it on clearance through David Wolfes site. It is called “Stop Your Tinnitus” by Phyllis Avery. Maybe it might shed some light on your husbands tinnitus.

  • Hey everyone…. Thanks for the good replies. Queenfluff… I believe those filling have alot to do with the hearing problems too. Thanks for the book info too. I hope you can find some more relief and if I find anything else I will let you know as well.

    Cherie… that’s so interesting about the asprin, Larry just started taking asprin daily as reccomended by the doc for heart reasons. His symptoms have worsened since he began taking the asprin. I hope we can find something that really works. How frustrating to have the ringing. I would have a constant headache. THANKS, Sharon

  • cherie03 – Mine started in my mid-thirties too. I have really no idea why or how it started except that I had some bad ear infections in my early thirties that might have had something to do with it.

    I noticed my hearing esp deceasing after I got my eyes lasered (I wonder if the that did anything). It sucks because I finally had perfect eyesight and now my hearing goes! I can’t win! ;)

    One thing I noticed is that I had that “plugged up” feeling too when I started to lose my hearing – I thought there was something stuck in there so I used the drops and stuff to try to get it out and I think I might have stuck a q-tip too far in (a big no-no and i knew it but it was driving me crazy!) so I finally went to the ENT who used one of those skinny snakey telescopy thingy to look in my ear and there was nothing there. So, hence the hearing loss diagnosis.

    I wasn’t satisfied with that so I went to another doctor who said I had an “inverted eardrum” and gave me antibiotics and said if those didn’t work go have my hearing tested. Well, duh of course they didn’t work (they did give me the worst yeast infection I ever had!) but he didn’t even want to check whether or not the eardrum wasn’t inverted anymore (don’t know if it can un-invert itself).

    Anyhow, it is amazing how doctors know practically nothing about hearing problems – they can give us perfect eyesight but nothing can be done for hearing loss or tinnitus. I think it is toxin related. In my case, I also have problems with my jaw and notice the buzz changing if I move my jaw around so it could by my TJM bones causing it too combined with too much computer and bad posture because I didn’t have this problem before I became a programmer. :)

    I think the book mentions the possibility of coffee and aspirin too – any stimulants could cause it.

  • Hello Queenfluff…I went to the health food store today and I bought some of those ear candles plus I found a product from naturalcare called Ring Stop for tinnitus symptoms. Larry took the first dose today and we are going to use the ear candles in the morning and I will get back to you and let you know how this works for him. Oh yea… I hate what happens when you have to take those antibiotics the doctors should say ok here’s another prescription for the side effects of the antibiotics. And I know how you feel abot not winning, I think Larry calls that bohica. Bend over here it comes again. It’s always something.Take Care…Sharon

  • sharronas-

    Good luck (and be careful) with the ear candles. Some people say they work but these are people who don’t have any hearing loss. I guess I don’t wanna take any chances with wax accidentally falling in my ears! I don’t think it will make much of a difference for me. Hopefully it works for your husband!

    I have seen and read about the Ring Stop – of course like anything there are mixed comments – lots of testimonals on the net that says it works and lots of comments on forums that say its a ripoff. I never wanted to bother to waste my money. But if it works for your husband let me know! I think it takes a while though? It is like a supplement right?

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