Telflex = Tefflon - any alternatives

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Is the Telflex used in dehydrator the same as the toxic Tefflon used in cookware? Is it just as bad, or is it OK since we are not heating it to a super high temperature? Does anyone know of any alternatives if it is toxic?


  • I read an article in a magazine published by Brian Clement of Hippocrates that was on the toxicity of teflon. It is toxic even at low temperatures. I have no idea what would replace it. It’s best not to use a dehydrator anyway.

  • Most people using recipes are doing so because they are transitioning, in which case dehydration is a great tool. Excaliber also makes silicone sheets if that would better suit you. I use the teflex, because I don’t use them that often, I use the mesh (which is plastic so you could have an issue with that too I guess). But again, I think it is all ok for transitional purposes.

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    I choose not to use either the plastic sheets or the teflex ones. I use unbleached parchment paper over all of my trays when dehydrating. Also if it s very runny recipe that you are dehydrating you can use 2 layes of parchment. You can buy unbleached parchment at most cooking type stores, online, or some health food stores carry it. Hope this helps.

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    I have tried the unbleached parchment and it was a big mess. I will try two, even three layers next time. If I can find the pre-cut ones in sheets, that would be ideal. The curliness of the rolled paper makes it hard. I did find some silicone ones I already have (didn’t realize it) I will try that too.


    1. I don’t dehydrate that often. Maybe 2x a week at the most. 2. I love to cook and bake – its been a lifelong passion. Sure, blending and chopping is great but I enjoy creating raw food and its hard to give up a passion in a week. 3. I do eat mostly whole, raw food in the form of salads, smoothies, and just the whole fruit/veggie, but I am new and transitioning and its easy to get discouraged. Even one flax cracker can be enough to satisfy my craving for cooked food. Dehydrated food takes up probably 10% or less of my daily intake. 4. I travel and need to take certain things that are non perishable and compact until I get to a destination where I can buy a salad, or fruit.

    I know your view of dehydrating and who knows, maybe I will be enlightened enough (like you) where I can just through out my machine. But for now, I will continue to use it in moderation.

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    I've recently bought a non-stick cookware set  It is free of lead, PFOA and cadmium. I used Tefflon because it didn't scratch, but when I found out it was toxic, I decided to change it. So, I'm pleased with my purchase as this set has a harder non-stick coating which does not peel off or scratch. 

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