Made a discovery!

When I first went raw, I followed Natalia Rose’s Raw Food Detox Diet. I loved the way the green juice made me feel in the morning – so much energy, though I didn’t really like the taste. Soon, I started to get really into raw foods, went completely raw and never looked back. I switched my morning juice with a green smoothie consisting of: 1/2 a cucumber, a few splashes of aloe vera juice, hemp protein powder, an orange, a splash of vanilla, a splash of stevia and several large handfuls of spinach. Yum! However, recently I’ve noticed that raw foods haven’t given me the energy I found so exciting when I first went raw, and my digestion seemed sluggish. I thought it was just my body getting used to it, or my consumption of nuts and dried fruit (I tried cutting down, but it didn’t make much difference).

I was out of spinach and I only had romaine yesterday. I didn’t think the romaine would liquify quite as well as the spinach in my blender, so I decided to juice my smoothie ingredients. (I left out the protein powder) It was just as tasty, but the amazing thing was that I got that tingling all over my body – gotta run a marathon- energy kick back! So is it the protein powder weighing me down or the straight juice to the bloodstream giving me the kick? I don’t know – but my digestion is back to moving and I’m feeling Gooood!


  • green juice is the magic way to start the day :D :D it is probably a combination of those things it is so light in the body that early on. keep it up! :)

  • Here’s my guess, because I’ve noticed that once you get into a routine of eating something you lose that tingling feeling you’re talking about. What works for me is variety. I think that by making your drink with romaine instead of spinach helped.. you gave your body something different but still raw. Just my guess. Anyone else have to break out of their routine or is this just me? :)

  • angie207angie207 Raw Master

    Juices absorb and deliver nutrients faster and with less work by the digestive system.

  • SamiliciousSamilicious Raw Newbie

    Nope skysrdust. I completely agree with you!! I drink green smoothies everyday for breakfast and now I vary it up by eating buckwheat cereal, flax cereal (just thought of this one. Hmm…), and whatever else I will come up with. This is also the case for me so at least we are both not the only ones!

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