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Hi there! I am a 38 yr old fitness instructor living in Florida. I would say that my interest in eating “RAW” or mostly RAW is based out of a desire for optimal health in conjunction with a balanced outlook on life in general. Basically, I am in relatively good shape and quite healthy. I have not been sick for over 20 years. I am 5’3’’ and 104 lbs. Before I started eating this way, my ideal of “healthy eating” was very different. I know eating more RAW (about 80%) has not only changed my body but my entire outlook on the way I live my life and the person I aspire to be. My question is for those of you with a background in fitness and health. I am vigilant about getting my “good fats” so that my weight does not get to low, but some old habits die. I am intrigued about the health benefits of coconut oil/butter BUT I can’t get past what I have been programed to think about it. For those of you who have knowledge on this subject, please respond as I would like to benefit from it’s praise given here on this site. I am grateful for the opportunity to post her. Thank you in advance. ‘


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    Hi fitgurly~ Welcome! Experiment with it (or any other food you might have questions about) and listen to your body. If you feel better consuming coconut oil/butter, then keep using it. If you don’t feel as good as usual (and it is not due to a detox response) then discontinue using it. You might be able to use it at a later date as your body goes through changes from your change in food choices.

    Some “rules” to remember are:
    • Each body is different.
    • Listen to your body.
    • If it works for you, continue. If it doesn’t work for you, discontinue.
  • Thanks Bluedolphin. Do you use coconut oil/butter and in what capacity and with what regularity. I looked at your profile and value your opinion. I will take your advice when you respond as well. Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing back from you and anyone else :) I’m off to teach so I will be back later…

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    fitgurly~ My privilege. Thank you for the compliment.

    I have to overcome my own ingrained barriers to consuming coconut anything. I was also taught to avoid coconut for various reasons in addition to really not enjoying the taste on a regular basis. So I use it intermittently, usually in some “on the fly” concoction (I don’t tend to make the many great desserts that are listed on the site). This probably isn’t much help…

    Again, I will say, experiment with it. See if it works for you. Others that use it regularly will need to tell you about what works for them…

    Happy teaching…

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