Sprouting fenugreek: must be bitter?


I’m starting sprouting fenugreek, I have taste it and seems very bitter? Must be that way? It is possible to minimize the bitter taste?

Thank you so very much!


  • Well they are generally a bit bitter, but I think after you sprout them they will get less bitter.

  • Thank you flybay, they seem to taste a little less bitter today, but i think they are no going to be my favourites sprouts, what a pity! they are supposed to be very good for detox.

  • What about processing them into different pates? I’m going to try it today, I think it should work fine. Another idea is to put them into green smoothies, in them you can conceal any taste.

  • that’s a good idea!!

  • Well, I tried it and it works! I put them in one of my favs, zucchini hummus.

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