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You would swear I am pregnant!

All I have wanted to eat today is black olives and dates in a potato chip sandwich, YES Potato Chips!! (you know grab an olive and a date and put it between two chips). I was never even that big of a fan of chips to begin with. The worse part, I actually went and got some chips at my grocery store (OK, no tomato throwing). I also had brown rice today … couldn’t help it! I know I’m going to feel like crap tomorrow, but it just took over me.

Anyone else have had a really crazy cravings … and actually acted on it?

I’m back to my lovely green smoothies tomorrow.


  • Those are some weird cravings, Nutter! Sounds oddly tasty though.

    Last night I drank WAY too much and had this guy all over me, and I didn’t want him to be all over me so I was like “PEACE” and I left. But I was so drunk that I couldn’t ride my bike home, so to sober up I had a vegetarian burrito. But even after that I was still too drunk so I had a donut, and then I was STILL too drunk, so I had a slice of vegetarian pizza and was able to make it home. Then I had an ice cream sandwich from the liquor store and passed out on my floor.

    So yes, I do have cravings and I do act on them. At least I don’t do that too often.

  • Hahaha Slosh, you make me feel better already! :)

    What a night … I won’t even ask about the morning!

    Big Smile!

  • deborahanndeborahann Raw Newbie

    I think some of my cravings are a part of my detox. I will be buzzing along just fine and BAM! I want things I haven’t eaten in years. It was absolutely uncontrollable last fall about 2 wks after going pretty close to 100%. I gave in big time and ate as much junk food in 3 mo as I have in the last 5 or 8 yrs! (gained 25 lbs to boot, too). I got it under control around New Years and have done much better but I was really bad again about 34 days into a juice feast. I had to break the feast but my appetite has been better and I can now usually resist the cravings and they aren’t as intense. I still drink a good bit of green juice so maybe that helps. It is the only thing that reliably alkalizes me. Slosh-uh, You sound like me in my early years. We used to hit waffle house and I could eat waffles, grits, hash browns and eggs and still be hungry! It usually only took 2 or 3 drinks or a few beers to get me sloshed so I was usually sober by the time we finished. Only once did I REALLY overdo it so I’ll never have Long Island ice tea again!

  • Wow, I didn’t even have cravings like that when I WAS pregnant. :) Well, that is life I guess – sometimes you can’t resist those cravings. I ate pizza tonight (mostly b/c I was starving and hubby wanted it), and I literally feel drugged right now – and like total crap. It sucks. It makes me want a huge green smoothie. :)

  • Oh man, I crave the week before I start my new cycle like a mad pregnant woman who has not eaten in weeks. There was a time not so long ago that we hit the local greasy spoon every night after a night of hard partying lol. There was nothing like a big stack of pancakes with whipped butter, hot syrup and deep fried hash browns. While now I am much more concious of what I put into my body, I do give in when it’s really got me because as much as I want to be healthy, I love to let myself indulge, feels like I’m doing something so bad but nobody knows >;}

  • Oh thank gawd I’m not alone. I’ve been fixated on rum raisen ice cream and biscuits and sausage gravy. (WHAAAAT???? ) So far I haven’t caved. The biscuits I’m sure I can override but the haagen daaz is calling like a siren. I’m hoping this is hormones run amock and that it will pass.

  • Harmonylia I hear you! The week/days before my cycle I go into crave and graze mode, hard! Maybe that’s what up me with :)

    Marichiesa, rum raisin ice cream and biscuits and sausage gravy? I hope not all together in one bowl, now THAT really would be a weird crave!

    Kendra that’s exactly how I feel when I eat something that doesn’t agree with me, drugged and with a headache … I still head for that darn chocolate though, especially on my cycle. Everytime I eat milk chocolate I get an awful headache and feel like crap, I immediately swear that I will NEVER have another piece and not even a whole day goes by and I’m raiding my kids or husbands stash. It reminds me of my collage days and tequila … “I will never drink again, never, never, never” ... ha! yeah right!

  • OMG Shutter nutter, that was my mantra, never again will I do that lol!!!! I now realize there are more drinks I cannot stomach now than ever before just simply because of how they taste the second time around. Mai Tai’s make me shudder still to this day… Chocolate is my unruly goddess and I have compromised to the 65% coacao and will have 1 or 2 pieces when I really want it. But oh, do I pay!!!!

    Oh Marichiesa, biscuits with white sausage gravy yummmy, my hubby makes it and it is just devine. That and the Cake Batter ice cream or better yet Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food. I die for it.

  • That’s so funny because for the past two days I’ve been craving black olives! In fact, I just went out to the store to get some!

  • Oh man, I’ve been snickering so much reading this post my studying husband is starting to get irritated. Those hard-drinkin’ college days are thankfully many years in the past, but the cravings, not so much. For me it’s usually ooey gooey baklava and it’s definitely related to my cycle, as well as sleep deprivation.

    I have found that a high greens intake (10-16 oz a day) makes me almost completely craving proof all month, but sweet fruits have the opposite effect. Spirulina also seems to help, as long as I don’t take it too close to bedtime. In the meantime, look out for my raw baklava recipe…coming soon :)

  • Before I went 100% raw again, I DEFINITELY had MANY DAYS like this!!! The last bout of pre-official-rawness, I was walking through the store and had an impulse to buy “Natural Cheetos” (wtf). I kid you not there was a demon inside of me, I ripped open the bag, stuffing my face all the way home…and polished off the bag not even 20 minutes later. I think the whole bag was about 1,000 calories and I still didn’t feel full. It’s a terrible thing, but I think if raw is your goal (as it always has been mine for the recent years)...then these falterings will bring you much PASSION towards your goal! Because every day that passed that I ate like sh*t, was more ammo for me towards my raw mission. Every blow during a detox is a reminder of the great life enjoyment raw can bring…

  • I find that right before I go into my cycle I eat and am not satisfied. It’s all raw, but it’s not until it is over that things go back to normal. I find myself thinking about cooked food right before then, but I don’t give in anymore.

    This last time has been the easiest for me. I think the longer you are ALL raw the easier it gets in this department. :)

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    When I wasn’t eating enough, bread was my big craving. One time I had about 12 pieces of garlic bread, and a bunch of other types of food as well. I was clearly full, but I just kept on eating! Wow, did I ever pay dearly for that indiscretion! Oh well, lesson learned. :)

  • OK so I am on the hormonal upswing here, and nothing…I MEAN NOTHING has satiated my food cravings. I feel like I could eat a cow. There’s a place out here called Fogo De Chao, (We call it f*ing eat a cow) and it’s all fire pit roasted meats with a killer salad bar. It’s all you can eat and they walk around with skewers of meat. I am at that point where it sounds so good. I think I’m gonna go get some chocolate.

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    When I’m menstrual, I can eat $40 worth of raw groceries in one several-hour long sitting and still not feel satisfied. PMS makes me into a disposal, heh. Brocolli seems to help…

  • I swear gals, those crazy hormones will do us in every time! See how no men have replied to this thread!! hahaha

    Some months are not so bad, but others, boy I will raid my whole pantry and still feel like “OK what can I eat next”. The moment I finish eating something salty, I want something sweet. Then after the sweet I want something salty, never ending I tell ya … thank goodness for those other 3 weeks when we can be good. ;)

  • my boyfriend never has cravings the way i do! he’ll want something, then he will simply chose whether to eat it or not! the novelty…

    when i want something, it’s like a zombie on a rampage. i will eat everything in my path and still not find what i’m looking for. darn estrogen!

  • Hahahaha this is killing me. Lalala, I feel just like that, like I’m in a fog of feed me, like the plant from Little Shop of Horrors. It’s salt, sweet, salt, sweet, grease, sweet. I’m right there. My hubby is always just like, whatever, I’ll eat when I need to.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Here’s my solution to the estrogen/craving pattern. The reason broccoli helps is it has phytoestrogens – compounds that bind to estrogen receptor sites, but the ones in broccoli are weaker than the natural estrogen. Chocolate also has phytoestrogens – that’s why women crave it around that time of the month. It’s just that regular cooked chocolate causes a lot of people – like me – to have headaches, depression, PMS, cramps, etc. and RAW chocolate doesn’t. In fact, I now only get PMS/cramps when I haven’t had much or any raw chocolate. It has been a huge blessing for me! :) When I first found out about raw cacao, I bought the nibs (powder wasn’t available yet) and I just ate them, plain and bitter, until I found out how to make things with raw chocolate. Here is one recipe I have used a lot.

    PMS-buster/make me happy shake: 1 cup raw cashews, 1 cup water, 2-3 tablespoons raw chocolate powder (can order from www.sunfood.com ), 1-3 bananas, frozen berries (optional), more water/ice. If it is not sweet enough you can add some raw agave.

    First blend the cashews and 1 cup water until it is creamy & smooth. Next add bananas and optional berries and blend again, adding water as needed to keep it blending. If the bananas and berries are frozen, it makes it colder, and strawberries in it make me think of it as a banana split shake.

    This is just one idea for using raw chocolate and getting lots of food in when I am sooooo hungry and don’t have all day to sit and chew. :)

  • Thanks Angie! Very interesting.

    I, like you, feel AWFUL on regular milk chocolate so I stayed away from the raw chocolate too. I have the powder from Sunfoods sitting on my counter, so I will for sure try your shake. Although, now thinking back, I do make myself a raw chocolate milkshake treat once in a while with coconuts and I don’t recall feeling bad afterwards. I’m going to have to (strictly for the sake of testing, not of having yummy chocolate ;)) make myself a lovely choccie shake and see how I feel.

  • Oh YUM Angie that sounds great. Chocolate gives me succh a headache and I get cranky!. I have to find it raw. I have found that when I increase my activity and drink plenty of greens and water I feel better and fuller, and it feels like I am stuffing my face without shoving in junk. Although last night I ate the rest of my get going granola with some bananas and almond milk.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I am glad this topic came up – I made my own shake tonight after remembering it last night. I hadn’t had one for quite a while, so it was refreshing. Along with the cashews, chocolate, water and ice, I put only a small amount of banana, a few raspberries, some agave nectar for sweetness, and a cup or more of frozen cranberries. It is gooooood!

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