New to the raw food lifestyle. I have two questions. 1. why soak nuts? 2. I am making a raw brownie recipe I found on this site and I am using raw almonds and walnuts and I wanted to soak them before processing. What is a sufficient amount of time for soaking even though the recipe does not call for soaking?


  • CarmentinaCarmentina Raw Newbie

    Nuts contain substances that prevent them from spontaneously sprouting, that way they can wait until the time is right to sprout and therefore have a better chance at surviving and becoming a plant- they wait for rain. So when you soak them sufficiently, they release the enzyme inhibitors, triggering germination and sprouting, meaning a delicious food becomes a food that’s alive with all the potential growning into a plant. There’s so much conflicting info about how long to soak, I just do it overnight except for nuts that don’t have a brown shell (pine and cashews). After you drain off the brown water give them a rinse. Just remember to adequately DRY or DEHYDRATE the soaked nuts before grinding them, otherwise they make a dough more than a meal/flour. A hint on making meal, don’t over process the nuts, which will release their oil, resulting in an oily brownie. Good luck on your brownie!

  • achin70achin70 Raw Newbie

    Yeah, you’ll get different opinions on soaking times. I usually just go with what Tree of Life recommends: 10-12 hours for almonds, 1-2 hours for walnuts. Have fun making your yummy brownies! :)

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