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I went into raw fully… 100%... about two weeks ago, and i dropped waaay to much weight i was already at 115 pounds and in about a week i dropped to 105 and felt like i had no energy and was constantly getting tired. I cracked last night and had to eat cooked food cuz i didn’t want to hurt myself. What was I doing wrong? I was trying to eat lots in the day and make my smoothies! I’m also taking david wolfe’s sun is shining.. i don’t know what i was lacking but i feel so discouraged now!:(


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    can you give a sample of your typical daily menu? that would help find out what may have been wrong.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    oh don’t feel discouraged.

    it’s funny, i notice a trend with people after week 2 (me included). natalia rose writes that if we change our diet too drastically into a cleansing diet it takes 2 weeks for things to get a little nasty. the reason is that the cells are unloading all these toxins at a rate the colon cannot keep up with. your instinct to eat some cooked food was good because it slowed the detox down. try to make the cooked foods simple if possible (i.e. a baked yam, some steamed veggies, etc…). OR you can get some colon hydrotherapy to help get the toxins out quicker.

    you might not have been getting enough calories to meet your bodies detox needs either.

    but if you were thin to start, it’s only normal that you would drop pounds with this sort of diet change. as your body unloads what it doesn’t need you will start to build healthier muscle mass in theory.

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    Misscutecute I went through this same thing, I won’t say your choice to eat cook food was a bad one, but you have to understand that the body has stages it goes through when you change your diet for the better. You can’t expect to eat one way for half of your life and in two week period not expect your body to go through some weird times. SOme people do subscribe to the eat cooked food to slow down detox, but in since you are kind of confusing your body and making it do more work. I believe when you first joined GONERAW you said that you work out in the gym a lot. This is time to give your body a rest and lay off the gym for a month, I actually took 3 months off because I realized I had done a lot of damage to my body in the past and I wanted to give it a chance to un-load everything. Well I am happy to say that I am back in full effect only needing 4-5 hours a sleep a day I work out in the gym everyday 45 minutes max, and my eating habits are green juices and smoothies through the day with maybe some almond butter thrown in there for comfort sake and a salad at the end of the day. My weight is very stable and all the cooked muscle I lost I have gained back in under a month “RAW MUSCLE” that is. I am leaving a link for you to read on your own time that outlines the process your body will go through when you change your diet for the better . PEace and Blessings


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    thanks ardesmonds2 for the link. interesting stuff. you might be right about confusing your body… personally, i feel after having gone through a period of eating a little cooked food at night. i was then able to give it up more easily. i understand the other perspective too. (i think it mostly emotional, which for me—highly emotional—was not an unimportant consideration ;) )

  • thank you guys, really appreciate the help. i went out and bought a ton of greens and fruits today. I probably WASN’T eating enough, true. so yes, i should rest my body while i do this. i just hope i didn’t screw everything up by eating the cooked food last night and have to go through this detox all over again! that would suck!~

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    Hey Misscutecute – I had a similar experience, I dropped 10 pounds in two weeks and was also very tired in the beginning. I’m sure you’ll level off, but if you need to experience less discomfort I agree with pianissima and ardesmond2, just take it a little slower and add a litte cooked food. You haven’t ruined anything, you need to feel good about this experience for it to work, not weak and hard on yourself.

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    Misscute- try looking at a calorie counter website to check how many calories you might need. For example, eating 15-20 cups of fruit in a day will add up to roughly 1500-1800 calories. You can eat a lot more fruit/veg that you may have thought!

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