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exercising with a cold

So for about 3 weeks now my throat has been bothering me. Its been hurting deep in my throat. I didn’t have any other symptoms though so it was just more annoying than anything else. But yesterday my nose began all stuffy and running. I didn’t feel well at all in the monring but in the afternoon I felt better and it was so nice out I went for a 2 hour walk. Today Im still feeling bad, stuffy/running nose sore throat and achy. But anyway I was wondering if I should continue exercising while feeling this way or is it better to rest? Or maybe just doing some stretching/light yoga?


  • I always say rest and eat lightly with lots and lots of water and vitamin c rich items. I have exercised with a light cold, but when it’s bad and I’m achy, I just want to rest. It gets you better faster.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    Dont exercise and drink only fresh juices and garlic.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    Please go to a doctor and get your throat checked for strep.

  • oh i probably should go to the doctor, I dread going to the doctor here mainly because I don’t have one here at school and I just have to go to the school health center. I actually am thinking I might have post-nasal drip in which case ill probably be put on anitbiotics, oh joy!

    And thanks for the advice everyone, ive been taking vitamin C like crazy. Ill have to get me some gralic though.

  • BluedolfinBluedolfin Raw Newbie

    I know the feeling of dreading to go to student health. Been there. Done that. In addition, I used to work at a student health center in the far past…

    If it is not strep or some other potentially damaging health issue, you have a choice to take the antibiotics (also ask if there are other options) if they should prescribe them. Strep, however, is potentially damaging and/or fatal. It is nothing to mess around with.

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    I second what bluedolfin says: See a doctor.

    And also rest and stick to juices and fruit. It’s not the time to exercise.

    Two otherwise healthy people died here last month thinking they just had bad colds. They had pneumonia and let it go too far. I’m not making this up, it was awful. I knew one of them. A guy about 50 years old.

    Anyhow, I don’t think you should necessarily take the antibiotics but you should at least check it out if it’s been lingering or getting worse.

    And if you do take antibiotics, make sure they don’t give you one of the newer versions, the kind you just take for 1-3 days. The FDA doesn’t test these adequately and some cause severe liver damage. http://www.consultwebs.com/ketek_lawyer_antibio…

  • thanks for the info on the antibiotics, from what ive heard my school loves to prescribe z-pak for everything and im pretty sure its one of those short coarse antibiotics. Anyway I guess I will try to set up an appointment.

  • so i went to the school health center – the doctor told it doesn’t look like i have strep (he didn’t do any test for it) but just in case he gave me some antibiotics (amoxicillin and clavulanate potassium) and told me to take claritin D. He didn’t really say what he thought I had, just a lot of nasal drainage irritating the throat.

  • i think you should do a water fast till your symptoms are gone, if you are not experienced then eat very very lightly. Please read this http://www.soilandhealth.org/02/0201hyglibcat/0…

  • thanks so much for the link! I only skimmed it right now and bookmarked it for later. Ive mainly been making juices but tomorrow ill try to stick to just water….would an herbal tea be ok too or just warm water with lemon?

  • greeniegreenie Raw Newbie

    IMHO juices are ok and also herbal teas. Are you able to just rest? That’s the most important thing. That’s the purpose behind fasting – it rests the system.

  • Hi =) Well, perhaps this is not completely raw but it helped me to cure my cold. First of all your body is the one who is curing the cold, so all you need to do is put your attention on healing, just have this thought: “Tell me how can I help you” Try it with your eyes closed and wait, it can be hours or minutes of perhaps there will be no answer, the important thing is that you told your body you are ready for healing. Second, nourish your body, if you dont drink hot tea then try to make it with warm water, you put in your mixer: Mint leaves, ginger (Powder is good) and lemon. Ill taste like hell but that will help a lot. If you can drink a small cup of this three times a day your cold will be gone within two or four days. Try to drink it warm and not cold. Hope this helps! Have a good recovery! ^^

  • Yeah, greenie I rested today well except when i went to the health center. And I worked some on a review packet for a test on thrusday. Tomorrow I have to go to my classes though but after that I will come home and rest. And im going to bed as soon as I finish this. And thanks everyone I know I will be better very soon.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    My naturopath told me not to exercise when I have a cold. I take vitamins and haven’t had a cold in almost a year. And that one was from camping in May without proper equipment (stupid idea yeah). Rest, eat well, and take lots of vitamin A and C. There is this vitamin called ACES which I take.

    BTW, is tea not considered raw? I drink tea a lot so this would be helpful to know.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    tea is definitely not at all raw. it’s boiled. but a lot of us on this website do imbibe nonetheless. personally, i gave up caffeine, so only herbal for me. =)

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