Water Fasting

I would like to begin a water fast w/ really no completion date to improve my health, I would like my body signals to be what indicates my completion. I have a few questions because I have gotten mixed answers from different sources.

1. Should you lightly exercise (i would like to take a mile walk a day) while fasting if you are in general good health? ....I have heard that it helps speed up the detoxification process.

2. Working- should you continue to work while fasting? 3 nights a week I work as a cocktail waitress which requires a good amount of energy (I will not walk on these days) The other 4 days I work from home on the computer which feels like resting to me.

3. Anyone know of a Fasting Supervisor in LA? thx, Stacey


  • I am thinking of a very short (max 2 days) water fast for some spring cleaning as I take the next step in purifying my lifestyle and diet. I don’t think that a long time on a water fast would have the same clear results upon completion as a juice fast or MC because of the lack of calories. I think the ideal would be to do a juice fast but then insert a day or so of water fasting. Being low on calories makes me faint and feel very sick even in the course of a day so I would not suggest a long time unless you have experience with fasting.

  • i am actually learning to become a natural hygienist which incorauges water fasting for resting of the system and detoxification of the body. A juice fast is not a fast at all, but a diet at most, although it does give your body a rest from no taking in fiber, but it does often turn to over eating (or should I say drinking) then comes improper digestion. I have been reading www.rawfoodexplained.com as well as many books by dr. herbert m shelton. I am really looking for advise from people with that same outlook, i should have posted that in the beginning. But thank you for your care and concerns! :D

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    Hi there. I have done a 7 day water fast before. First off, after about 3 days you will have NO energy to waitress. I mean no energy. By the 7th day it took me 20 minutes to get up about 20 stairs. It is an amazing experience for one that is resting while doing it. Light exercise during the fast is not a good idea, you need your energy to deal with what is breaking down in your body. I read all of this information before I started but thought I was young enough to deal with it- definitely not! i want to do another water fast sometime soon, but this time only when I am resting for those days.

    Good luck!

  • juicyjuicy Raw Newbie

    And I have found similar results with juice fasts. I have done up to two weeks juice fasting and the results are the same as water, just much less uncomfortable.

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